The Pedant is sleeping in the next room. Our sex, it was epic.

It’s the horndog week of my cycle and I asked him yesterday if he might be free sometime this week. To my surprise and pleasure he offered to come over today.

He was, of course, an hour and a half later than he said he’d be. He always has some excuse about public transit and I get a strong feeling that he’s lying – that he thinks I’ll be less unhappy if he has some big reason instead of just coming clean and saying he fucked up and left the house late – but I don’t know what to do about that. It feels like the kind of thing where if I make a big thing of it it’ll tie him in knots and he’ll be even later. And anyway I really wanted to get laid. So I set my annoyance aside and just didn’t even bother saying anything at all about his lateness, although he offered another “the bus was late” excuse unsolicited.

I’d been planning to jump him the second he got in the door but TBH that impulse kinda jumped the shark as I was waiting for him. By the time he arrived, aches and pains from work had set in and mostly I just felt tired and my back and shoulders hurt. We kissed hello at my door a whole bunch but once he was upstairs and naked I had him massage my shoulders and back for a while – first standing up in my hallway, and then in my bedroom with me sitting slumped over on the bed and him standing in front of me working his fingers all around my shoulderblades.

Eventually I said “kneel for me” and just me saying that made his breath hitch. He complied, and when I got his collar out of the bedside drawer and put it on him his breath hitched again, several times. I think our bondage gear has kind of a Pavlovian effect on him. I like it. Perhaps I’ll make it a ritual to put his collar on before we play, just to kind of put him in the headspace. Except it’s one of those really wide collars that covers his neck from shoulder to jawline, and I like his neck. It’s an erogenous zone for him and I’d miss having access if the collar were always on him during sex.

Anyway. I slipped my fingers through the ring on his collar and pulled him close to kiss him. This of course turned into me caressing his torso, slowwwwly narrowing in on his nipples until, when I finally grazed one of them with my thumb, he gasped deeply and his knees buckled (he was sitting up on his knees, not down on his heels).

God, I love playing with him so much. He’s so responsive and has so many fun buttons to push. I know I focus on his nipples an awful lot but I believe his entire chest area is pretty erogenous; I used to think he’d moan when I touched his pecs only because he figured I was heading for his nipples, but no, I was stroking all around the whole area today in-between nipple play and it still made him squirm and vocalize. His inner arms also got a good reaction, as did me drawing my finger lightly up the crack of his ass. From my vantage point on the bed I was able to do most of these things at the same time, engaging my mouth and both hands in my best effort to explode his entire nervous system. His hard cock nudged against my thigh; every time my mouth or fingers found a spot on his body that he particularly liked, I could feel it jump a little bit. Prawr.

By this point I was craving him inside me pretty badly. I figured he was craving it, too. But I wanted to hear him say it. “Tell me what you want,” I whispered. He didn’t say anything so I went back to drawing forth deep sobbing sounds from him by kissing his nipples and lightly playing with his cock simultaneously.

After such a long while that I thought he’d forgotten that I spoke, he whispered back “I want you to keep playing with me like this.”

Sure, what the hell. Fucking is fun, but so was this. And I lubed up my hand and began sliding it all over his cock while my other hand sneaked down to press just behind his balls and my mouth went back to his nipples. His legs kept trying to collapse and I kept gripping his hips with my thighs to hold him up. Before he could get too close to coming, I took my hands off his junk and used one to caress his chest and belly and the other to pull him to me by the collar so I could catch his moans with my mouth.

Finally I brusquely patted the mattress to indicate that I wanted him to lie down. He clambered groggily up onto the bed and I straddled him, kissing him as he fumbled between us and put himself inside me.

Honestly, given how worked up he was by that point, I figured it he would come within two minutes – which would have been hot to witness, although I was craving penetration of a bit more duration. But not only did he last a while without me particularly pacing myself, he also appeared to be just totally out of his mind with pleasure the entire time. Usually it’s one or the other, with him (and with most guys, really): either it feels so good that it sends him right over the edge, or it’s very nice but takes a while to build up to a climactic point. Tonight it was like ten minutes of him sobbing and howling and thrashing under me with his eyes rolled up in his head. Amazing.

I’d never bothered restraining him, and he slipped his arms around me to caress my back as I rode him. And the weirdest thing happened: I think I almost had an orgasm. Often, having my back lightly caressed will give me the brain part of an orgasm but not the crotch part. This time as I thrust I could feel the braingasm building but also there was a building-up of crotchfeelings and I even got one single throb-and-twinge like the very start of coming. But then I lost it so I just focused back on The Pedant again.

He reached up with both hands and caressed my face, which is not a normal part of his repertoire but I wish it were because being touched anywhere on the head and face immediately turns me into goo. Also he is not a person who has ever done manual labour in his entire life so his hands feel like warm silk; no calluses at all. It’s just amazing. I nuzzled my cheek into his palm and gazed down at him…to find that he was gazing back up at me. With difficulty, kind of; his eyes kept trying to roll up into his skull again. But he kept kind of touching base with me, and the intensity of his gaze was like trying to stare into the sun.

And he continued making laserbeam eye contact as I thrust down onto him over and over again…he also continued moving his fingers all over my face, which was starting to come off slightly weird (there’s a scene from Drawn Together that I really wanted to link here but it’s not on YouTube, dammit. Here’s the whole episode, though. The bit I’m talking about is at about 8:50). I mean he wasn’t cupping my face in his hands and he wasn’t trying to get me to suck his fingers – I thought he was, because he’d run them over my lips, but when I opened my mouth he ignored this. He was just…moving his fingers randomly over my face. I guess mostly I wasn’t sure how to react. It seemed like maybe he wanted me to do something besides just sit there looking down at him but I don’t know what.

But the eye contact and face-caressing (odd though it was) made me feel so connected to him that I was shuddering and on the verge of tears without either of us even having come. I felt as though a window had opened in my eyeballs and he was pouring in like sunlight. It’s hard to describe.

I began to get worried as to how long we could maintain the intensity of the sex without things fucking up somehow – one or the other of us becoming overstimulated and having to stop, or something – so I decided to try to push things over the edge. I’d been touching his nipples from time to time during all this fucking but now I licked my thumbs and redoubled my efforts. He began to get that desperate look on his face. He made a sort of convulsive squeaking noise – I think he was trying to tell me he was getting close but his voice wasn’t working properly. I nodded and whispered “yes, please” and kept thrusting and brushing my slippery thumbs back and forth over his nipples and suddenly he jammed his hands down hard on my shoulders to stop me from moving, and he came deep inside me. I managed to move my hips a few times as he came, just ever-so-slightly, and every time I did it coaxed a sharper moan out of him. And then he pulled me down into an embrace, and when I tried to raise my head and look at him he pulled me down harder. I don’t know if he was feeling vulnerable and hiding his face or if he just couldn’t stand to have me apart from him even by four inches.

I lay on him like that, jacknifed, and he held me and I shook and cried for a bit because as usual his orgasm had sorta jumped across into my brain and triggered all the stress-release chemicals that an orgasm usually does.

At the same time, though, I was feeling more turned on than I have in a long time.

“Yeah…if I don’t get off soon I might actually die,” I said. As I raised myself up he tried to pull my head back into the nook of his shoulder again, but I insisted on dismounting. His cock was so sensitive from coming that he yelped as it slid out of me. I flung myself onto my back, grabbed the Hitachi, and set my favourite dildo on his chest, saying “Help a sister out.”

He did that deep-intake-of-breath thing that people do when they force themselves awake (god, he passes out so quickly…) and set about fucking me with the dildo while I handled the vibrator. I came twice and subsided into his arms, crying. And then I dozed off for a few minutes with my head on his chest.

Then I affectionately petted his cock and saw it twitch, and this intrigued me. I didn’t figure there was any way The Pedant could be ready for more so soon, buttttt…

I lay there listening to his deep, fast-asleep breathing and I lightly stroked his cock some more. And in little twitchy increments, like the second-hand of a clock going around, it ticked over from being slumped sideways on his thigh to looking straight up at me. Not fully erect, yet. But seemingly somewhat interested in my attentions. Inquisitive.

And then The Pedant sputtered sleepily and slapped my hand off him and that was the end of that. 😛



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  1. M

    Is it possible to put the collar on not as tightly? Like a notch or two looser, so you could still have a little bit of access. Just a thought.

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