The Pedant is here, fast asleep in the next room. Much excellent sex was had, which I will probably write about here eventually.

But I don’t know how long he’ll stay asleep so let me just say one quick thing right now. At one point while we were snuggled up in bed he suddenly asked “What would you find appealing about me wearing a tail for you?”

It took me a while to have any idea what he was even talking about, but yeah, I did make some crack about him putting on a tail and ears for me, I don’t even know, months ago. It was a passing fancy, not something I’d particularly thought about with regards to him before or since, although I do generally think fox ears make a hot boy hotter. I guess I put it out of my mind with The Pedant because I never thought he in particular would be up for it. But it seems as though – despite laughing it off and emphatically saying no at the time – he’s been thinking about it.

Shit like this is why I’m still so crazy about him after all these years. He has all these fascinating hidden facets that he keeps revealing to me one at a time.

When we first met he appeared to be pretty toppy, and now I’m his dominant. He claimed to be completely indifferent to having his ass played with, and now I have him, well, wrapped around my finger, in more ways than one. And as of today it seems like he may have a fursona inside him waiting to come out.

This boy is full of surprises. I wanna pry him open so I can see ’em all. 😀

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