Men are like THIS and women are like THAT, hurr hurr!

I remember observing here, once, that The Pedant (and a lot of other gender essentialist types) will sometimes describe how men and women are totes different about certain things…and the behaviours he mentions are the same things for men and women, just worded differently. Drives me batshit crazy, it does.

Recently I stumbled on this page while searching for stats on how men and women socialize differently (which is an actual thing – women tend to interact with their friends differently than men do, and there is research out there to back it up. Somewhere.).

The page (and I guess the whole site) is about how wimmenz are aliens but if you study their strange ways you can make them buy shit, as far as I can tell.

Look at this stupid quote:

… According to Kahn, “Women are online [on social networking sites] solving real-life issues.” They want to learn about and connect with others who are experiencing similar problems. Men, however use online communities as a means to research and make contacts.

Did you get that, everyone? Women use networking sites to learn from others and connect with people. Not like men, who use networking sites to…learn from others and connect with people.

But when a guy posts on Facebook, “Hey I’m thinking of buying a Ford Focus, has anyone had any good (or bad) experiences with those?” he’s making contacts and doing research, and when women do it, it’s coming from our delicate lady-brains’ deep need to connect with people. Like, obviously.


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3 responses to “Men are like THIS and women are like THAT, hurr hurr!

  1. Reblogged this on dave94015 and commented:
    do women use social media like FB differently than men? A marketing study linked here suggests there are differences in how men & women use social media. The poster thinks the differences are only semantic. What do you think?

  2. The article claims: ‘men use social media to “wheel and deal” by gathering information and making social connections to increase their status, women use social networking to connect and share’ …are these differences really similar?

    • Less similar than the bit I quoted, to be sure.

      Although that’s not how I perceive men and women to behave on social media at all.

      I mean…men “make social connections to increase their status”?
      Wanting to seem important by knowing a lot of people, or knowing high-up people, sounds pretty gender-neutral to me. And I’ve certainly seen both men and women being accused of “friend collecting” on Facebook or Fetlife.

      And dafuq does “wheeling and dealing” even MEAN when referring to a website meant for social contact and not selling stuff? I seriously don’t even understand what they’re trying to say there. But anecdotally speaking, the guys I’m friends with on Facebook and Fetlife mostly just tell anecdotes about their lives or post memes, just like the chicks do.

      Also anecdotally speaking, I’ve seen MORE women than men on my social networks “gathering information” (“Hey does anyone know what kind of foundation covers rosacea?” “I’m thinking of buying a Honda Accord, does anyone have input about whether that’s a good idea?” “Does anyone know a guy named Bob Smith? He sent me a friend request on Facebook and I have no idea who he is.”

      So once again I’m left with the suspicion that people are ascribing different intents to the same exact behaviours, based on their preconceptions of gender.

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