At one point while The Pedant was over I slapped his ass – not super hard like I would with an actual masochist, just enough to send a nice little tremor through that firm, firm flesh. Then I went to pull him into a hug and he reflexively cringed, which puzzled and kind of offended me.

“Oh, come on, now. What do you think I’m gonna do that’s so terrible that you would cringe away from me?”

“Slap my ass again.”

“You dislike it that much?”


“I’m sorry; I didn’t realize that was such a big thing, for you. I won’t do it again.” I drew him in for that hug and simultaneously gave his butt a gentle cupping by way of apology. “…Just so I know, does the dislike stem from the physical aspect or the mental one?”


“So, it’s just that it hurts?”

“Yeah, and does nothing else for me at all.”

“Noted. Thank you.”

I very carefully refrained from expressing surprise at this. I think The Pedant is pretty hung up on being manly and me going “That tiny little slap hurt that badly?!? Seriously?!?!” would probably feel like an attack on his manly toughness or whatever. But honestly I was kinda surprised. I know he’s not into pain but it was a light enough slap – and my enjoyment of it was so obvious – that I pretty much assumed he would willingly put up with it for me and it wouldn’t be a big deal. He does other things just for my sake that I would consider way more of an imposition, like staying awake after he has an orgasm so that he can help me with mine. But nope, dragging himself back from a coma to do things to my ladybits for ten minutes is okay but a quick, light slap to the ass is off-limits.

I’m sad that I’ll have to rein in my sadism so hard with him, but (as always) intrigued by the contrast of his robust manly-man appearance vs. his almost preternatural sensitivity to touch and sound. I’m pretty sure he hides his sensitivity from most people; certainly when he and I were first fucking I handled some of his bits way more vigorously than he prefers and it took him a while to tell me.

The more turned on I get, the more sadistic I feel, and The Pedant makes me pretty much want to rip him apart with my bare hands. So it’s frustrating that I have all this violence that I can’t let out around him whatsoever. But on the other hand I can elicit the most delightful reactions from him by doing pleasurable things, and his sense of touch is so amped up that I can reduce him to a puddle by letting one molecule of my fingertip brush up against one of his nipples. It makes me feel powerful. I like it. But if I take on more partners I think I really need them to be painsluts. I don’t wanna have to repress that side of me all the time.

I wish he weren’t so averse to the idea of teaming up with another guy. I would love to have him and Mine over at the same time. My fantasy, at the moment, is simple (and avoids the two boys having to interact particularly, since I know The Pedant wouldn’t want to): I fuck The Pedant, who then of course falls into a coma, and then Mine comes in to suck The Pedant’s semen out of me and/or get me off and/or be a receptacle for all the violence The Pedant’s sex stirred up in me (Mine has actively expressed interest in “cleaning up” after someone else, and he likes getting me off and being beaten, so this would probably be a good time for him, not a consolation prize like it might sound). And then I probably have sex with Mine, too. Then maybe more orgasms for me. Then I fall asleep with the two of them snuggling me from either side.

Prawr. 😀

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