I woke up with my neck all thrown out, and I have a shitload of work over the next few days. So this is gonna suck.

The last time my neck went out was due to Pedant-related stress (I know because I’d been in a high anxiety state of wondering where I stood with him relationship-wise and the neck pain eased way up the moment I hit “send” on the breakup email). I don’t feel like I’ve been angsting all that hard over him recently, but I’ve been angsting a little, so I decided to investigate in that direction first.

I’d been trying to back up and give him some space in case that email I sent had him flustered or whatever, but now I texted him saying “Hey you’ve seemed kinda quiet lately, is everything okay?”

He responded fairly quickly and told me he’s been super busy at work – they’re making him do a bunch of extra stuff in addition to his regular duties. And he asked me if I’m doing anything next Wednesday/Thursday. I am not, and so we have a visit lined up. All good news.  But my fuckin’ neck still hurts.

Massing with the Hitachi hasn’t helped. Ice hasn’t helped. I’m about to take a hot bath with a whole assload of Epsom salts and see if that does anything. Maybe there’s something else I’m feeling stressed out about that I can figure out and work on. Or maybe (and in a way this is worse because it feels like I have less control over it) I just slept funny and I have to wait for the pain to wear off whenever it decides to.

In the meantime, my head has a very very tiny range of motion and if I move the wrong way my neck seizes up in a huge burst of pain.

Fuck fuck fuck.

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