Mrow. :D

I just wanted to give kind of a highlight reel of the PedantSex from his last visit. Hopefully I won’t end up typing all night instead of sleeping (as often happens; I’m a slow writer) but I like preserving the hottest things for posterity.

In Round One I had no specific plan of what I wanted to do with him, so I was directing him a lot less than usual. We were at the point of standing in my bedroom naked and making out and after a long while of kissing and touching (during which I was trying to think of a thing to make him do but nothing really caught my fancy) he got on his knees of his own accord and hugged my thighs with his face pressed reverently into my belly for a long time. I am so digging his recent habit of long, worshipful hugs.

Eventually I bent slightly and offered each of my nipples to his mouth in turn. I don’t actually like nipple play – I’m too sensitive so usually it hurts – but The Pedant is super into giving nipple play and has sneaked them into his mouth when he thinks I’m not paying attention. And he actually manages not to hurt me when he does that. So I let him have a go just to make him happy. It felt incredibly intimate and sweet but also conjured up a mother/son vibe for me that was slightly offputting. Physically though it felt okay; he knows to be very gentle.

Later, he expressed surprise that I let him do that and asked if I liked it. I hedged, saying that I know he likes doing that and so I felt like offering it to him. “But how did it feel for you?” he persisted. I told him it felt physically neutral but emotionally intimate. I think he was a little disappointed but oh well.

The second sex session happened after an entire day of him subtly dodging my touch. We woke up in the morning and he gathered me closer into his arms and something about his body language finally seemed receptive to me so I cautiously ran my hand over his chest. He neither dodged nor made any sort of encouraging sound. I was still a bit gun-shy from the day before and didn’t persist.

Then he excused himself to go the bathroom. I’ve realized that when The Pedant is expecting some action he’ll generally “freshen up” first. The bathroom is right next to the bedroom so I heard him pee and also heard the water running in the sink for an abnormally long time. But I didn’t know for sure that he was prepping for sex until he came back to bed and spooned me and his cock against my ass was tap-water cold and slightly damp. Then I figured that was as clear an invitation as any and I rolled over and started caressing him in earnest.

I had a game plan this time: I wanted to make The Pedant come while doing things to his ass. But once I got him tied up I couldn’t resist fucking him for a bit first. “I don’t want you coming for a while, so keep a grip on yourself,” I warned as I slid down around him. I’m not sure if being forbidden to come made him want it more or what but sweet merciful crap was he ever loud and abandoned with me in that moment. Just desperate and straining and bucking and keening. I wondered whether he would end up coming anyway by accident but no, he held out somehow.

I dismounted, retrieved the stainless steel plug, and tucked it under his thigh (“Here. Warm this up for me.”) He yipped adorably at the coldness of it. Then I gloved up and (with more difficulty than usual; perhaps he was so turned on that he was kinda clenched up) slid my index finger inside him. He likes a different kind of movement than anyone else I’ve done this with; touching or pressing his actual prostate doesn’t seem to do much, but keeping my finger rigid and swirling it around does. The actual sphincter muscles seem to be his most erogenous spot. Fascinating.

So I stroked his cock while swirling that finger and he continued to be extremely squirmy and vocal and finally gave me the warning that if I kept going he would come.

“Do you want to come?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, and his tone was…quite emphatic. 😀

I gave him the okay and continued jerking him off. Soon he reared up in a stomach crunch like he usually does when he comes, but I didn’t see anything come out of him so I got confused and thought perhaps he was only at the edge and clenching up his stomach muscles to try to bring on that climax. I kept stroking him at the slow and steady pace that he likes and he howled and whimpered and thrashed against the restraints and only when the stroking felt noticeably more slippery did I realize that he had come – he just hadn’t shot. The semen must have just kinda burbled out. And as a result I ended up stimulating him right through his orgasm and beyond in a way that I never have before. Normally The Pedant would have told me “it’s too much!” so I would ease up, but this time he didn’t – and although he was definitely thrashing around a lot, it didn’t necessarily look like he was disliking the sensations I was giving him or trying to escape them. I’m kinda hoping this is one of those things where he always stopped the stimulation out of habit or fear of intensity or something but, once forced to power through it, realized that it felt amazing. I would really like to do that to him again.

After he came, The Pedant passed out harder than I think I’ve ever witnessed with him. Like to a point where I told him to get me off and he said – with apparent difficulty – “When I can move again” and his speech was all slurred. He fell dead asleep for like half an hour and I’m honestly not sure he could even have gotten up if the smoke alarm had sounded. He was gone. And I felt triumphant.

When he woke up about half an hour later he finally did help me get off, thrusting my favourite toy in and out of me. Either I told him I was craving cock or he intuited it from how much I was loving being toy-fucked, but after I came he asked me how it was and I answered him by using my legs to pull him on top of me. I was just intending on snuggling with him but to my surprise he reached down between our bodies, jerked himself hard again, and slid inside me.

I kind of assumed he would be spent, but he was vocalizing fairly strongly. When I whispered in his ear “would you come for me?” though he said he didn’t think he could. But I touched his nipples right at that moment and his sounds got even louder and instead of giving up on the sex like I think he was about to he said “I want you on top.”

We rolled over. “This is where I belong,” I murmured, bracing myself and beginning to thrust, and he gave a little moan of agreement. And I used all the tricks I had to try to get him over the edge and make him come but it didn’t seem to be working and then I realized it was getting late so I abruptly hopped off him and told him, with a smile, that I had to get ready for work. I was hoping to leave him frustrated but he showed no particular signs of wishing I’d continue fucking him. Fair enough.

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