Just fired off an email to The Pedant outlining what I expect of him, D/s-wise, and what he can expect of me. And explaining that he’s basically doing exactly what I want already – but in case that’s a happy accident and not us being on the same page, I’m laying out my terms for him to explicitly agree to. Or not. But at any rate I wanna know where I stand.

I hope that he responds soon and that he’s on board with everything I said.

In other news, I think I’ve noticed a pattern to his sporadic phone calls. I think possibly he calls me specifically on days when he hasn’t heard from me. Trying to make sure we’re in touch every day, perhaps. How lovely.

At the end of our phone calls he always says “We’ll talk soon, okay?” in a softer-than-usual voice and I always melt so hard I can barely form words in response.

He is definitely trying harder to meet my needs and be consistent than he did the first time around, and the net effect is that I am absolutely head over heels for him. Like, just…gone.

I am, of course, afraid that this latest email of mine will fuck things up. Not so much that it’ll fuck up the relationship as that he won’t actually be willing to agree to my D/s terms and I’ll have to deal with my disappointment plus a huge revamping of expectations and a dramatic reinterpretation of past events. The vibe between us has been so good…but if he only happened to be so obedient and devoted because I didn’t demand anything boring yet, better I should know now.

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