A conversation with The Pedant

When The Pedant was over recently:

“Hey, can I have blanket permission to sleep-fuck you, as long as you don’t have to wake up early the next day or anything?” I asked, a propos of nothing in particular.

“Um. I guess…?

I wasn’t positive he knew what I was talking about, so I elaborated: “Because that one time you woke up already inside me was awesome and hilarious and I would like to do that again.”

“How was it hilarious?” The Pedant asked. His tone was nonchalant but I increasingly suspect that he has some insecurities and that I may have riled them up just then.

“Because when you woke up, first you made a confused noise but then you made a happy noise and it was the cutest thing ever. You were like ‘mm? …mmmmmm!’ …Oh and aside from how awesome that was, I also really get off on the conceit that you’re my fuckdoll and I take what I want from you when I want*. Sooooo yeah. Sleepfucking.”

“I don’t think I would have a problem with that.”

“Okay cool. To be clear, if I ever try and you seem nonresponsive I won’t push it. I’ll only proceed when you seem okay with it**. But I wanted to make sure there weren’t any trauma triggers in there for you.”

“There aren’t.”



*That is indeed how I’ll rationalize it to myself. But in reality I just wanna give him that “holy shit I just won the lottery” level of excitement again. It was hot to watch.

**The time I mounted The Pedant in his sleep, things started with me idly petting his chest while he slept. I had insomnia and he didn’t and I was just enjoying being close to him. He made a little pleasure-moan at my touch though and I became intrigued to see how far I could take that. I’ve petted him in his sleep on other occasions both before and since and he was always completely oblivious as far as I could tell. There would have been no point in trying to escalate things.


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