Adventures in ballbusting

So I had this guy I was talking to on FetLife who was really into being kneed in the nuts and asked me if I’d do it to him. I told him I’m vaguely curious to try that but I don’t want a stranger in my house or to be in a stranger’s house. He said we could go for coffee and then find a secluded place somewhere outside and I could get in a few hits.

I just got back from that outing. Dude’s personality was totally disarming and he was cute in a cuddly bear sort of way; I kinda wanted to pinch his cheeks. I felt pretty much fine about finding an alley in which to ballbust him (there’s always the possibility that someone is a sociopath who knows how to seem harmless, I guess; allegedly, sociopaths are good at being charming and stuff. But honestly I think a sociopathic serial killer would lure his victims by a more vanilla route, like advertising a car for sale or whatever. Something that won’t make most people feel all weirded out).

We found an alley and he coached me on how to knee him. It was fun in the sense that I was trying something new and the situation itself was hilariously surreal, but overall, from a sadist’s perspective…kinda disappointing.

I wanted to feel powerful. I wanted him to end up doubled over and gagging but still begging me for more because ultimately the pain turned him on. But he didn’t really react much, even when I went as hard as I could. Possibly because…maybe my sense of anatomy was thrown off by him wearing pants, or maybe ballbusting is typically done differently from how I’d pictured, but I feel like he was having me knee him way too far forward – like basically getting me to slam my knee into his dick. My instinct was to get my knee right between his legs so that I would drive his balls straight up into his body, while he kept readjusting me so I’d knee the front side of his nutsack and make it swing back (or, as I said, maybe just knee him in the dick).

When things began to wind down and I realized that the kneeing wasn’t really doing it for me, I asked him if I could punch him in the chest a little bit. He had a broad, well-padded torso (padded with fat and muscle as well as a winter coat). He acquiesced, and that did get me to my happy place. Or halfway, anyway – he cried uncle way sooner than I thought he would, considering he’s a burly man who does martial arts (so he’s presumably sparred and taken hits before). He flinched every time I went to hit him, was like “Oh shit, are you a boxer?” after the first hit when he saw my form, and was like “ow ow ow too hard!” when I wasn’t going nearly full strength. Very satisfying from a reaction junkie’s perspective. Less satisfying as far getting to the catharsis state I enjoy.

And that was that. I don’t think ballbusting will become a regular part of my repertoire unless this was in fact an atypical experience. I wanna make a guy fall over screaming, dammit!


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8 responses to “Adventures in ballbusting

  1. play

    This must be one of the nicest post titles in all of the internet of this year at least ❤

  2. Pat

    If you permit, I remember the first time I spanked another adult. She kept calling “yellow” every time I even began to get close to an actual spanking. The session, while negotiated and desired by both, was particularly unsatisfying. Because her fear controlled both of us, neither succeeded.

    If that was my only experience, I would not have found spanking to be the fulfilling experience it is, either as a top or bottom.

    Your intuition that your partner in the alley was controlling the situation in a manner that prevented actual ball busting is correct. Too close a proximity results in a close but not satisfying kick.

    Still, the simple act of bringing a man to his knees with one stroke that he cannot replicate on you is in itself delightfully empowering. At a certain level ball busting can be used to define the female dominant role. I would encourage you to try this activity once again.

    May I humbly suggest that the next time you have a man OTK, reach between his legs with your free hand and grasp both his testicles. Then, after asking permission, begin very light taps with the fingers of your spanking hand. Slowly increase both the squeeze with your free hand and the intensity of the taps until he reacts and you choose to stop.


    • I’ve done various kinds of CBT on numerous occasions, (and took a three hour seminar on it, even); I don’t need to be walked through the process, thanks. It’s only kneeing someone in the nuts that was new to me.

      And I’d knee someone again, probably. Just not that guy. That guy was too stoic and/or wouldn’t let me take a proper shot.

  3. Cam

    Amazing story! Had to read the whole thing twice. Your writing and detail is awesome, I too love getting my balls kneed. Send me a message and maybe we can get in contact! Keep up the awesome work

  4. Rick e

    Have you had any other ballbusting experiences since. I would say this is atypical as I normally do fall over crying.

  5. Were_W on Fetlife

    Hello PerverseCowgirl,
    I’ve had a few really amazing ballbusting experiences, but the best was this woman I’d been talking with for months before finally meeting up who was really, seriously no joke into it. It took me forever to believe she was real. She was into taking pain too (on the nips and tits), which made for some interesting endurance competitions that I always lost.

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