For posterity:

Pedant: I’m looking forward to when I’ve recovered from this illness. I miss being in your bed.

Me: Same. 🙂

Pedant: I miss being stroked and fondled by your hands. I miss you pulling me forward by the collar to kiss me.

Me: You do seem to inspire my aggression. Kind of overwhelmingly so. And the next time I see you, I insist on you being in collar and restraints the very second you get in my door.

Pedant: That can be arranged.

What he doesn’t know is that I’ve just put some heavy-duty eyescrews into the inside of my front doorframe. I’m gonna string up his wrists next time I see him. It will be glorious. 😀

But yeah – he’s clearly still into me and trying to turn me on with his pretty words, so I guess we’re good. Any hesitancy I felt from him before was either imaginary, temporary, or actually him being curt and grumpy because sick.

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