The Pedant has not in any way indicated that he got my letter, and if he’s planning on writing back he’s taking his damn time.

It would have been nice to get some sort of acknowledgement, but I wrote what I did with the express intention of not making him feel obligated in any way, so it’s fine.

This poses a somewhat interesting opportunity, actually. If I can write him whatever’s on my mind and we’ll both just kinda pretend that I didn’t, then I could tell him all kinds of things that I would never have the nerve to otherwise. Things that I couldn’t bear to see his in-person reaction to in case it was unfavourable, or that I’d cringe to see in my email’s “sent” folder after the fact.  Muah-ha-ha-ha.

I still worry that the last time I asked when I could see him next, he was somewhat evasive. I’m not quite gonna feel okay until I see him again in person and verify that he’s not weird with me, I think.

I’m pretty sure that if he was totally freaked out by me writing him mushy stuff, he would have told me so I could rein myself in in future. Or possibly he would have just gone quiet entirely (he knows that would make me insane but if he were genuinely ready to bail on the relationship, would that matter to him?). I don’t think he could keep on texting and calling me like normal the way he has if I’d put him off. So everything’s probably fine. But it will be more fine once I have seen him again and had all the sex. 🙂




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