Still no outright acknowledgement of my letter, and I just realized I’m way pent up from lack of touch, so yesterday I texted The Pedant telling him so and asking if he works on Friday.

He responded “I do, yes.” A few minutes went by. No further offers; no rundown of when he is off.

“I want you. When can I have you?” I prompted.

He eventually responded “when I’m no longer sick.” Huh. I don’t think he mentioned he’s been feeling sick. But also, it’s a safe bet he’ll get over whatever it is in a few days, so it’s odd that he didn’t just say “how about Tuesday of next week?” or whatever.

His response seems a bit curt and irritated to me, as though he feels smothered. On the other hand it’s not the first time he’s ever said something that came off ever-so-slightly mean to my ears without it meaning anything.

I have a busy week ahead of me anyway. I’ll focus on that and see if I can give The Pedant some space…see if he stays in touch with me or is unusually silent.

Ugh, this sucks.


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2 responses to “Uncertainty

  1. play

    *hugs if wanted

    (or *massage if preferred)

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