Oh! One more thing.

While he was over, I had The Pedant try on a pair of my boxer briefs. I had vague ideas of wanting to cut his underwear off him sometime (as I’ve done to The Bunny and it was so fucking hot…). The Pedant’s underthings are all expensive-looking brands. Mine cost $2.99 each. So…yeah.

I was a little afraid that his weird little “girl stuff is stupid” streak would prohibit him from even trying on a pair of boxers that my body had ever been in. Like I’d tainted them with my girl-ness. But when I handed them to him, he did try them on. “A little loose,” he pronounced. As he took them off he checked the tag and said “Huh. XXL. An XXL in men’s would have fallen right off me.”

“These are men’s,” I said. But hey – The Pedant tried them on thinking they were women’s shorts. Apparently it’s only panties and skirts and other blatantly feminine garments he won’t let near him. Androgynously-cut clothes are fair game no matter what arbitrary gender assignment they were given.

So his sexism isn’t as severe as I’d feared.

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