Swooning SO HARD.

This visit with The Pedant visit started a bit rocky but turned out really well.

The Pedant finally texted me to let me know he was at the corner by the sushi place. I told him to order me a bunch of stuff if they were still open and I’d get dressed and join him ASAP. He texted back a few minutes later to say that he’d just missed the window on all-you-can-eat but we could still order off the regular menu for the next half hour.

I have food sensitivities and pretty picky taste. I like all-you-can-eat at a sushi place because I can pick and choose very specifically. Also, it was close to their closing time and I’m a slow eater. I didn’t want to feel rushed to order and eat a meal I didn’t exactly even want.

And I was pretty mightily pissed off by then. The Pedant had originally said he would be here for “late afternoon.” Then told me nope, he’d gotten stuck on a call with work and it pushed all his errands back, and he gave me a time in the evening, instead. Then texted me to say nope, whoops, sorry, maybe another hour. Then texted me a while later to say nope, whoops, sorry, maybe another hour. Then texted me a while later to say whoops, one more hour but I could for sure meet him at the sushi place then (and I was like “Meet you there? Ha! I’m not even putting pants on until I know you’re almost there.”). Then he arrived half an hour after that “for sure” time.

Also let’s remember, here, that the plan was that he’d take me to sushi as soon as he arrived. By the time he actually did get here I’d been sitting around for three or four hours feeling like I shouldn’t eat anything because he’d be here any minute. I am a person who needs to eat every hour or two in order to stay functional. When I’m hungry I get cranky and sluggish and in extreme cases I’ll get stomach cramps or the shakes. Waiting around the house hungry all that time only to have The Pedant tell me that the sushi place was essentially closed (unless I wanted to eat food that wasn’t quite to my taste, and be rushed through it) just infuriated me.*

The Pedant said that there’s a big sashimi plate he could order us, but I was feeling too disappointed and pissed off by that point so I texted back “Meh. Eat something or don’t. I’m staying here.” The Pedant replied that he would just come straight over, then.

I opened the door and stepped way back to let him come in. I was not feeling particularly warm toward him and was not intending on offering a hello kiss. He apologized profusely for being late, though (didn’t ignore my irritation and try to pretend he hadn’t done anything, the way so many other partners have) and stepped forward and hugged me. The hug began to thaw me just a little bit. And then he kissed me – lots and lots of soft, sweet kisses.

I still hadn’t eaten, so when we got up to my apartment I said I was going to make myself a salad with chicken and did he want one. He didn’t. While I was in the kitchen assembling my late dinner, The Pedant walked in wearing only his boxer briefs and the bondage collar. This was him sucking up to me some more: telegraphing that for the next 20 or so hours he was mine to do with as I pleased. The sight of him in that collar makes me go all wibbly. I reached out, hooked my fingers through the bondage ring, and yanked him in for some kisses. Or rather, yanked him in, slowly brought my lips a millimetre from his and paused there until I felt his breath hitch slightly in anticipation, and then I kissed him. Some people wouldn’t have let me do the hoverkiss<tm>. Some people would just go ahead and bridge the gap. My favourite people to kiss are the ones who just hold still and yearn for it, though. Prawr.

And then I said “In future, I think the thing to do is way overestimate your arrival times. That way if you end up being able to get here sooner, it’s a happy surprise. Today was a sad surprise.”

“Yes,” The Pedant said. “And also I should probably put off a bunch of my errands till another day when it’s clear the first few are making me run late.” I had not expected him to say that. I sort of assumed the errands couldn’t be put off, otherwise he would have come over sooner. I mean why do a non-pressing errand when you could be getting laid instead, amirite? It kind of infuriates me that he could have put things off but didn’t. But I’m glad he seems willing to bend his schedule for me now. Better late than never.

He also mentioned that when he was out running errands he picked me up a hard case for my new phone (I just switched cell phone providers and got a new BlackBerry Classic phone…it’s been kind of an ordeal so far…). So, some tiny part of his lateness was due to buying me a gift. Even while he was off living his life, he was thinking of me. And he correctly guessed which colour of case I would like best. 😀

I ate my food while The Pedant set about figuring out why the stupid new phone won’t connect to my wifi (he’s still not sure), why it wasn’t receiving emails when I have an unlimited data plan so the wifi thing shouldn’t have mattered (I think he solved that one), and how to transfer all my stuff from my old BlackBerry onto the new one. He’d told me that the transferring of stuff would be easy, but it wasn’t – mostly I guess because my previous BlackBerry is pretty old and has a different operating system and the transfer software The Pedant told me to use won’t actually work with both.

So for quite some time we were sprawled head-to-toe on my bed, lounging and talking while he was troubleshooting this shit. I got him to massage my feet and it was lovely. And finally he said he’d done about all he could for that night and he’d stop for now…because he figured there were a lot of things I wanted to do to him. 😀

We set aside the two laptops and two phones that The Pedant was doing shit with (yeah, on top of everything else my laptop kept freezing up during the stuff The Pedant was trying to do, so I hauled out my other one and that was fucking things up, too…).

I sat on the edge of the bed, pointed at the floor by my feet, and told The Pedant to kneel. He gave a tiny little gasp of arousal just from me saying that, and complied. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and pulled him to me by the bondage ring for kisses. He said the leash he bought us might be easier on my hands for that sort of thing. I was like “nah, I’m good.” I mean, we were in my tiny bedroom, not an open field. It’s not like I really needed to physically lead him anywhere.

Of course I knew that The Pedant was probably bringing up the leash because he thought it was hot, not because he was worried about my comfort. He has a hard time directly stating his desires, I think, and needs to couch them as something else. Like, he offered a while back to spring for a night in a hotel room for us (whatever happened to that, I wonder?) and added that we’d need to buy a set of those under-the-mattress straps for that so that I could secure him to the bed no matter what the frame looked like. So the next time he was over, the subject came up again and we ended up shopping around online to see how much under-the-mattress restraints even cost. The Pedant said “we might as well get leather ones ’cause those will match the other stuff you have – the wrist and ankle cuffs and the collar and everything.” I said I didn’t care; you can’t see most of the straps, anyway! – and he managed to bring up the “well it might as well match” idea several more times during the online browsing process, in an elaborately casual voice. And I realized that he must just think leather is hot. He could have just been like “let’s see if they make these in leather! Leather is hot” but no.

So now I know that The Pedant bought that leash because he likes the idea of it, not strictly because he thought I would. And I will use it with him sometime. At that moment though I just felt that it would end up dangling between us and getting in the way of some of the things I wanted to do.

After a nice long time of kissing The Pedant and playing with his nipples (and caressing the rest of his exposed skin, too, and discovering that I could make him moan by lightly circling my fingertips around on the insides of his elbows) I said “Strip. I want access to your cock.” The Pedant climbed unsteadily to his feet and shucked off his boxer briefs.  I pulled him to me by the ass so I could kiss his pretty cock for a minute, then told him “down” and he knelt again. It was surreal, seeing him kneel for me. He never seemed like the kneeling type; even once I knew he was into bondage and stuff he didn’t seem like the kneeling type. I thought it would be beneath his dignity. But he’s really getting into playing the part of my slave boy.

So I kept on slowly escalating things and even managed to get the first inch of The Pedant inside me (“managed” because I was still sitting on the edge of the bed and the angle was weird). And this was hot, but I wanted to take him deeper and I told him so. I had him lie on the bed so I could ride him as usual.


TBH what I was really craving was a missionary-style Hitachi sandwich, but our routine of me on top of him gives him such tremendously hot-looking orgasms that I was hesitant to deviate from it. Plus I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to come, or that he’d come just as things were getting good. And I was afraid that he only really wants to act subservient to me when it means me doing fun things to him, and that if I demanded something for me it would harsh his buzz, which would in turn completely disappoint me. I do so enjoy pretending he’s my sub.

But then – pinning The Pedant down and thrusting on him – I felt a little resentful at just how much of our sexytimes are devoted to his pleasure, and I decided to throw caution to the wind and claim some focus for myself. I said “let’s play a new game: Hitachi sandwich. The key, though, is that you need to last longer than I do. There’s no penalty if you fail, but…yeah. Get on top of me.”

He willingly did.

It was…weird.

There’s nothing at all wrong with what he did. His thrusting style was more workmanlike and had less artistry than The Bunny’s back when he and I used to do this, but it was still just fine. And yet the act seemed somewhat jarring to me. I think because I really, really eroticize the contrast of The Pedant being this big strapping manly-man who becomes a whimpering puddle in bed, and for him to be the top of a Hitachi sandwich required the exact opposite of the breathy liquid abandon I so adore. He was alert and silent and his moves were all calculated.

…Actually, come to think of it, I believe that he’s still not used to the concept that he can be the active party in sex to serve me; that submissive doesn’t have to equal passive. And so in a sense there is something wrong with what he did, because I’m almost positive that being asked to get on top and keep his orgasm in check flipped him into topspace. Mostly it’s just a vibe I got, but also at a few points he was supporting his weight on his arms and he contrived to move them closer together so they were kind of pinching my neck. I know he likes to lightly choke a bitch when he’s topping, so I think he was trying to multitask. Bleh.

One thing I did like: eventually he stopped trying to choke me with his forearms and instead got down low so his lips were right by my ear and started giving me some excellent dirty talk. He said something about wanting me to put him in the leg-spreader  I have, with his hands cuffed together behind his back, and tease him with my hands and mouth…or more likely he asked me if I wanted to do it to him. And he said “I love the way you command my body.” SWOON.

Alas, my body was being finicky and I just couldn’t quite orgasm. I decided that it might work better for me if I had enough room to totally manipulate the Hitachi  myself, instead of having The Pedant’s body press it into me. I told him I wanted him to kneel by the side of the bed again and fuck me that way.

Even with a bunch of pillows under his knees and my ass scooted off the edge of the bed, though, The Pedant couldn’t get his junk to line up comfortably with mine. He regretfully threw in the towel on the PIV for the time being but said he’d be happy to fuck me with a toy. So he did, and I did Hitachi duty, and I came twice. And it was goooood.

After I’d recovered from that, I sat up, hugged The Pedant, and murmured “And what can I do for you?” He said he wanted to be put in my leg-spreader and teased a bunch. I said “Sure, get up on the bed” and got off it myself to make room for him to settle in. But maybe he misheard me or something because all he did was bend over and rest his elbows on the mattress so that he was on all fours.

“Well this gives me other ideas,” I said, walking around behind him. I ran my fingers lightly up his asscrack and he shivered and moaned.

The subject of ass play is a bit of a tricky one with The Pedant; in the beginning he said he had no interest in it, so I left it at that. He has since asked for it on rare occasions and seemed to like it more every time, but I don’t want to assume I can make it part of our regular repertoire. I think I may have initiated it “cold” once. Otherwise, I wait to be invited.

This time, though, I decided to just go for it. I mean I telegraphed what I was planning so he had ample opportunity to say no. But I went for it.

I’ve never fingerbanged The Pedant from behind before. Pros: way easier to stroke his cock at the same time – reaching through his legs and stroking downward was much easier on my arm than doing it right-side-up. Cons: a bit impersonal because I couldn’t see his face, and his chest was on the mattress so no nipple access. Still, though, he had a couple of times when he seemed right on the verge of coming. I love the way he clamps down on my finger. So fucking hot.

After a while he asked if we could continue with him on his back instead, so we got up onto the bed in our usual configuration. Soon after that he softly asked “would you take me inside you?”

Yes. Ever since we did away with condoms that’s my favourite way to finish him – I can hardly bear the thought of him not coming inside me. I peeled off my ass-glove and climbed aboard. Too bad I didn’t get around to using the spreader bar or any other restraints on him but meh. No time. Must fuck.


His climax was epic. I hadn’t restrained him and he must have been feeling more self-conscious than last time because he immediately pulled my head down to his shoulder so I couldn’t see his face while he came. His orgasm-high jumped across the gap from his brain to mine and I found myself shuddering along with him and on the verge of big huge feelingstears. He clamped his arms around my back so tightly that I couldn’t have gotten up off him if I’d wanted to – but I didn’t want to. I stayed there with my head on his shoulder and listened to him fall asleep with his cock still inside me for a long, long time.

More later.


*Also, back when I was married my alcoholic husband would go out drinking with friends all the time and call me to tell me he’d be coming home soon and did I want anything from the pub. I would say “OMG yes! Bring me some nachos, please” (or loaded potato skins or chicken wings or whatever). He’d say okay…and then not come home for another five or six hours. So, again, I’d be sitting around at home starving but feeling like I’d better not eat anything because any minute now… So probably the situation with The Pedant carried a small unpleasant echo of that.


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