This is the second time in a row that The Pedant said he’d come over in the afternoon and ended up being waylaid until late evening. He updates me periodically, mind you – doesn’t just leave me sitting here wondering what’s up. But still.

I’m going to tell him to way overestimate his arrival times from now on. If he ends up being able to come by earlier, it’ll be a bonus. If not, no harm no foul.

My main concern now is that he said he’d take me out for sushi when he got here and I think he may actually arrive after the place closes. That will really piss me off. I’ve been looking forward to eating vast quantities of salmon sashimi and unagi sushi.

I have told him in no uncertain terms that I will not put pants on until he tells me he’s actually on the corner by the sushi place, so at least I’m warm and comfy on my couch while I wait for his late ass.


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6 responses to “Ugh.

  1. joooyous

    Noooo “late ass” sounds like it died. 😦

  2. Andy

    I’m busy staring at the timestamp on this entry and wondering if your blog is misconfigured or if you have access to MAGICAL THREE AM SUSHI OH MY GOD.

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