Moar texting with The Pedant

Me: I’ve ordered some cheap underbed straps. Let’s hope they suit our purpose [The Pedant has talked about us spending the night in a hotel sometime, just for fun. This will require an under-the-mattress bondage system so we can get our groove on no matter what the bedframe is like there]. Also another silicone dick, but that’s neither here nor there. Especially THERE. 😛

Pedant: At this rate you’ll have more dong than wall visible on your wall of dong before long.

Me: Yeah. Space will become an issue. [Several minutes later, as the inadvertent pun dawned on me] …Ba-dum ching. [Later still…] ‘Course the shopping process got me imagining you spread-eagled and tied down. You look good in everything you choose to wear, but I have to say that “restraints and nothing else” is my favourite.

Pedant: You’re probably a bit biased. 🙂

Me: Be that as it may, I think you’re beautiful and I want to fuck you. Whether this opinion is universal is of no concern to me.

Pedant: Thank you. 🙂

I feel like that might be the first time he’s ever said “thank you” to one of my compliments like a normal person. For the longest time he would deflect in one way or another but gradually, without me having asked him to, he’s begun to relax and accept my words. I’m glad. I’ve come to realize that mushy words are a huge way that I show love, and when I’ve felt that my mushy words were unwelcome and I needed to suppress them (this happened with The Bunny, who was also a deflector of compliments but in an almost mean-spirited way, not just glib like The Pedant) I felt…muted. Strangled. Like I was being forced to walk around with a bag over my head. My sense of self is that tied into verbal expression.

So I’m happy that The Pedant is lowering his defenses for me.


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