Through his eyes.

The Pedant is forever bragging to me about other women he is, or was, with.

It has only just now occurred to me that maybe he brags about me to other people, too. That just because he doesn’t compliment me too often doesn’t inherently mean he sees nothing good in me; it may just mean that he has a hard time saying nice things to my face.

Based on the sorts of things he’ll say about other women (and the times he’s observed things about me), I would guess that he would (or does) describe me as strikingly tall and attractive; a self-employed artist; a larger-than-life Valkyrie of a life model whose job basically involves doing a mashup of yoga and Pilates for hours each day so OMG MUSCLES. A few of those statements are kinda subjective/misleading but The Pedant seems to pride himself on hanging with artsy, interesting people so I have no doubt that he would sorta amp up my credentials when talking about me.

I like imagining him bragging about me in this way. Although hopefully he’s never made some other chick feel insecure with it.

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