I have sometimes heard a man talk about feeling stupid because he’s so easily led around by the libido. I can relate. I mean on this particular occasion I don’t think The Pedant actually did anything bad/wrong that warranted me not sexing him, but…yeah. Basically all it took for him to get me past my conflicted feelings was to reach out and stroke the back of my neck.

Being touched is my Kryptonite, it seems.

But I’ll also say that my asshole anxietybrain has a habit of blowing things out of proportion so that if someone’s not around to defend themselves, they get demonized. Then I see them face-to-face and they’re just a regular person and I’m like “Oh.” There was some of that, too. The Pedant didn’t come into my house acting like I was just some chick that he bangs when he’s got nothing better to do. He was just an ordinary person who was clearly exhausted from a long day of work and who felt bad that he was late.

Sex was had. It was good. I’d better not get into that right now or I’ll be writing for hours. Right now I have shit to do.

But yeah…I’m feeling better.

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