Happier things

I spoke too soon when I said that The Pedant would never be much of a sexter. YOU GUISE YOU GUISE LOOK:

Pedant [out of the damn blue this afternoon!]: I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon. I enjoy the feeling of you running my cock through your hands.

[This unexpected bit of RAWR made my toes curl and my heart pound. That was my gut reaction. My brain-reaction was “Okay but when will I see you? Don’t just say ‘soon’, dammit!” but I was at work and unable to text him back right away. By the time I checked my phone again, he’d sent another message stating when he would be free. And I dunno if he’s just in a lusty mood lately, or felt weirded out by my silence and was trying to prompt a response, but by the next time I checked my phone:]

Pedant: I’d really like you to pull me out of my clothes, collar me, and manacle me as soon as I’m inside your apartment. You’d be able to take my cock prisoner and use it as you saw fit until I fainted.

Me: Well that sounds like fun. [Long boring spiel about how we could best coordinate our schedules]

Pedant: The evening of the 29th might work for me. I’d want to shower as soon as I arrived, obviously.

Me: I like you clean, wet, and naked.

Pedant: I’m sure you’d also like to tease me while I’m showering for you.

Me: However would I do that? [Halo emoticon][Yeah this is totally me digging for info about his fantasies and also trying to keep this unexpected bit of sexytalk going]

Pedant: Reaching in and gently caressing me would certainly do it. [Later, perhaps trying to prompt a response from me again]: You would probably enjoy watching me get distracted while you ran your fingertips along my back and inside of my thighs.

Me: That sounds like a fair assessment. 😀 You are a lovely instrument to play.

It hasn’t escaped my notice that all the talking he initiated there was about what I might do to his penis. I think that only bugs me because he’s been lax at times with giving me orgasms so it’s like…do you even realize that sex can sometimes be about me? Generally speaking, though, I love to hear a guy I’m involved with talking about what turns him on. I certainly would rather hear about his reaction to my touch than my reaction to his. And I didn’t expect The Pedant to bring up his back and his inner thighs as key erogenous zones. I mean he reacts when I touch him there but not unusually strongly or anything. Fascinating. I love that he’s starting to talk about sex with me and open up about his fantasies.

He’s gotten a lot better at making concrete plans, too. It used to be a whole exasperating process to get him to nail down a day/time that we would see each other.

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