All the RAWR.

The Pedant has, in the past, seemed to be sort of indifferent to me when I wasn’t around. Like, for me a relationship is like a piece of thread sewing the fabric of two people together. You might not always see the thread but it’s still running under the surface of things and if it’s not then shit falls apart (and the “thread” is made up of mushy text messages and other “reminders” that the person is still there and thinking fondly of me). For him it often seems like a relationship is a book. When he doesn’t have time to read it, he puts a bookmark in, largely forgets about it except for a vague thought of “I like that book…I’ll have to keep reading at some point” and picks up where he left off when he’s ready.

So when he made with the sexting yesterday I kind of assumed it was for my benefit. He’d been largely incommunicado for a while before that and he knows now that silences make me antsy so I thought maybe he was just making an effort to give me what I need (which I value and appreciate, if that’s not clear).

But earlier today (and remember, we’d made tentative plans already for him to visit in a couple of days):

Pedant: What are you up to this evening?

Me: Lazing around the house. You?

Pedant: staying at work late to file paperwork.

Me: Fun!

Pedant: After that, I think I want you to fuck me until my balls are empty and light and I fall asleep in your arms.

…Well damn. MOAR SEXTING plus a pressing need to see me sooner than planned. I’m gonna go ahead and say that he’s not just humouring me. 😀

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