Couple of Pedant-related things I forgot to write about before but want to remember:

A visit or two ago when we were out for sushi he told me about another partner he had that he broke up with – partly because apparently she didn’t like him initiating sex right when he got in her door. Made her feel used or slutty or something, maybe. But she didn’t say that; she shamed him for being a pig and “showing up with a hard-on” instead.

Later, when I had The Pedant pressed up against the inside of my door, I told him between kisses “By the way, if you ever show up at my door with a hard-on I’ll just use it as a handle to pull you inside” and oh, the moan that elicited. Prawr.

It may have been later that same visit that he was getting out of the shower preparatory to dressing and going home, and I stumbled across the two rings he always wears sitting on my hall shelf. I tried them on and they fit, albeit on different fingers than The Pedant wears them on. So I put the rings on and I was like “Look at me, I’m [Pedant]! I have a great ass and I wear rings and stuff!”

The Pedant smirked at me, pointedly looked me up and down (I was naked. Plus, y’know…curvy and hairless and boobs…) and said that he wasn’t buying my impersonation.

I was like “Wait! Wait! I have something for this,” disappeared into the bedroom for a second, and came out clutching a dark, furry rug to my chest and saying “Look at me, I’m [Pedant]!” again. What perfect cosmic synchronicity that I’d happened to buy a fake-fur area rug for my bedroom but not laid it out yet. Anyway that earned me the best eye-roll of all time.

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