I managed to find a black, somewhat military-looking overcoat at Goodwill that isn’t wildly at odds with my body shape. I know that The Pedant likes that look – kind of goth and austere and androgynous – so I wore it when I saw him last. And indeed, he did give me an appreciative look and tell me “you were right about the coat” (when I bought it I texted him that I found an interesting coat that I think works on me).

Then when we were out walking he told me an anecdote about an ex of his who would always try to seduce him by putting on lingerie and how he wished she had stayed in the yoga pants and tank top she’d had on to start with because that was sexier to him. I already knew that The Pedant isn’t into lingerie or other super femme clothes on a woman, but I never get tired of hearing him reiterate this.

If I’m going to be having sex, I’d always rather be naked than in any kind of fancy underthings. Always. Wearing lingerie doesn’t add to the experience for me in any way. And I’m just so glad that The Pedant prefers me in my default state and will never, ever ask me to put on frilly shit for him.

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