Still more Mad Men thoughts (Season 1-6 spoilers)

Well. I guess the affair between Don and Sylvia is over. He tried to use his domly-dom voice to order her to stay but she just wasn’t having it. And then he abandoned all pretense at dominance and said “Please” – just totally open and vulnerable and reduced to begging – and if I knew how to do it I’d make an MP4 of that “please” on a continuous loop and fap to it until I bleed.

On a whole other note, I’m getting annoyed with Peggy – or at least, I’m annoyed with how the people who make the show are portraying her. Maybe I’m overlooking some people but it seems like aside from that one guy at a party a couple of seasons ago who tried to take her home and she said was like “your pitch didn’t convince me”, she’ll kiss (or more) any guy who hits on her. Which is fine, but I want there to be a reason. I want to get a sense that she’s really sexually curious (maybe even poly by nature) but trying to restrict herself to monogamous relationships because that’s what society expects. Or that she’s afraid of commitment and living with Abe has made her especially antsy and she’s trying, on some level, to sabotage it. Or, hell, even that she has low self-esteem and will fuck anyone who says she’s pretty. I want there to be some kind of coherent plotline here. I want Peggy to be a person and not a plot contrivance.

But it’s like…Pete was a gross pig to her and she slept with him and I’ve never really understood why…and then she abruptly stopped having any sexual tension with him and it wasn’t really portrayed like having his baby killed her boner for him or anything logical like that. The writers or directors just kinda…dropped the thread for no apparent reason.

Duck hit on her out of left field and I don’t get the impression that she’d ever thought of him in a sexual way before, but she went for it. Meh, okay, maybe she wants to see what it’s like to be with an older man.

Then she had that bf so bland that I can’t even remember his name.

Then she kissed a dude at some party her lesbian friend took her to (was that Abe? I don’t think that was Abe. I think Abe came over and shit all over her for being all bourgeoise and stuff and then went away). Then Abe showed up in her life again and hit on her and was insufferable. Just…condescending and obtuse and…insufferable. I fucking hated him. And she responded to his total douchecanoe behaviour by being all “tee hee hee” and going on a date with him, and then he stupidly did a thing that threatened her job and didn’t seem to even understand that it was bad, and she didn’t want to see him again.

Then Abe popped up in her life again and after about five seconds of awkwardness/irritation she started making goo-goo eyes at him. It seriously seemed like she must only like him because he was interested in her, and literally no other reason…but after they fuck the first time she’s shown acting all clingy and being like “I’ve never been like this before” and clutching at him while physically shaking, so I guess we are to believe that she’s fallen in love with him, although he is not shown to have any redeeming qualities per se.

Now Peggy and Abe are living together and Stan from the office has hit on her a few times in a really gross way and she did rebuff him, but ended up being really good friends with him, apparently – talking on the phone with him all the time even when they worked at different companies. And in the episode I just watched, he hit on her again and this time she let him kiss her – and kissed him back – but gently curtailed it after just a moment, seemingly more because she felt he was kissing her for the wrong reasons than because she’s in a monogamous relationship and shouldn’t be kissing anyone, herself.

Meanwhile, her boss Ted Chaough has also kissed her (and there was maybe one scene before that where you could tell she felt a bit of sexual tension toward him, but prior to that – nothing. This was not a thing the writers had been slowly building toward) and she kissed him back – arms around his shoulders and everything. I kinda like them as a couple and hope she dumps Abe – with whom she’s been having some problems anyway – and dates him instead.

But in the meantime all of her relationships/dalliances/whatever mean basically nothing to me because there’s no apparent structure or logic or reason for any of them. There’s no line of cause and effect. If a guy tries to kiss her, she pretty much just lets him. Or occasionally she doesn’t, like the first time or two with Stan and that guy from the party who wanted to take her home. But there’s no discernible pattern to her rejections or acceptances. Her character just seems like a pawn the show’s writers use to drum up drama when they’re bored.

I suppose it’s possible that we’ll learn something about her later that causes all this other shit to make sense, but I can’t imagine what that might be.

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