So very curious.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I really need to know what The Pedant’s intentions are when he does things like bring over a bondage collar and kneel so I can put it on him. I mean if he wants to play a little more intensely at bottoming to me, that’s cool. And if he thinks he wants to actually submit to me, that is also cool but will require a talk about what that means to each of us (honestly I don’t think our ideas on subject would match up…). Either way I want to know what he’s expecting or hoping for, here.

So I a few hours ago I texted him:

Riddle me this: what appeals to you about the submissive/bottom side of BDSM? (Aside from bondage, which I already know you like). It feels as though the introduction of the collar was an invitation to move things to another level, but I’m not sure in what way.

He’s read it, but hasn’t answered it yet. Probably needs to let the question percolate for a bit and then answer it once he’s done work and can really get into a discussion with me.

I’m eagerly/anxiously awaiting his thoughts.

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