Oh my. :D

A text conversation with The Pedant (who just got promoted to supervisor at his job, btw, and needs some training for the new position).

Pedant: So, my weekend is shot. The supervisor-training course is this Saturday and Sunday, and then I’m supposed to work on Monday.

Me: I remember you telling me you’d be training this weekend. I’m sad to hear all your time is taken up.

Pedant: Yeah, so am I. I was hoping they were going to mix it up and spread it out over two weekends, so we’d get at least one night together.

Me: Indeed. I’ve been missing you. …Mind you, I recently scored a custom clip order and will probably be busy with that through the weekend.

Pedant: So I suppose tucking me into that collar and teasing my cock will have to wait, then.

Me: Sadly, yes. But thinking about it has been driving me to distraction.

Pedant: How would you feel about the two of us spending a night in a motel room? You’d have room to use the thigh cuffs and that short leash on me properly in a hotel room.

Me: I am amenable to this. Hotels rock. All clean and chaos-free.

Pedant: We’d have to acquire some under-mattress restraints which would work with the manacles.

Me: Such things do exist. And could be cheaply made, even, if I ever find my fucking sewing machine cord.

Pedant: True. Nylon-webbing straps and steel D-rings aren’t exactly rare.

Me: So, a motel room, just for the hell of it? Even though we live a transit ride away from each other?

Pedant: I was thinking of using HotWire.com and scoring a four-star for motel prices, just for the hell of it.

Me: Do eeeet!

Pedant: Although it has occurred to me that you can’t do anything that involves having me on my knees in front of you at your apartment at the moment.

[Note: he means because of all the clutter in here, and probably also because the cats track kitty litter crumbs all over the place and that shit would be worse than kneeling on Lego. BUT ANYWAY apparently he’s been picturing kneeling for me. And wants a place where he can do that and other bottomy/submissive-y things without obstruction. OMFG.]

Me: the same thing has occurred to me. And it’s a damn shame because the sight of you on your knees in that collar would melt my brain. And parts beyond.

Pedant: We can make that happen.

[At approximately this point I realized that although it’s lovely how much The Pedant seems to want to play at submitting to me, it would feel somewhat hollow to me – like I was catering to his interests and not vice-versa – if it didn’t involve him giving me orgasms.]

Me: And I think it’s about time I trained you to get me off. I want to use you sexually in ALL the ways.

Pedant: I’d like that.

I can’t tell you how perfect that response was. It acknowledges (finally!) that he made mistakes in the past, and expresses a willingness to do better in future. It’s the apology I never got.

Also, he seems to be trying harder in general to express verbal affection and show that he doesn’t take me for granted. Which is awesome.


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4 responses to “Oh my. :D

  1. joooyous

    Clearly, this entire blog post is secretly just an ad for HotWire.com. 😛

  2. Play

    …or it just says that he’d like you to use him in all the ways. Which is not admitting to or apologizing for anything, but still nice;)

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