The Pedant called me today, for no discernible reason. Maybe he was just calling to chat, like people in normal relationships do, but historically that is not a thing he does so I dunno. Also he doesn’t say affectionate things like a person would in a typical “relationshippy” chat so I can’t get a read on what’s up.

While I had him on the line, though, I asked if he was free to come over in the next couple of days. I’ve been missing him pretty badly. He said this weekend was no good but maybe Monday; I checked my calendar and Monday’s not good for me; etc., etc., and we never did come up with a time when we could see each other.

But this led to The Pedant telling me that his work schedule is about to get crazy for a while, and he knows that I’m about to get busier, too, so realistically, for the next while we might only be able to see each other once every two or three weeks. And he specifically told me that he knows that long periods without seeing each other can make me nervous but please remember it’s really only because of our conflicting schedules. I said it’s not just not seeing each other for a bit, it’s when there’s unusually long periods without any sort of contact. He said “there will be regular contact.”

So, he remembered that I can sometimes panic and think a guy is pulling a fade if I don’t hear from him for a bit, he reassured me about this without making me feel like a hysterical freak, and he’s going to make an effort to text me regularly in the interim because he knows I like it and it puts my mind at ease (he is not a texty-chatty person, particularly; left to his own devices I would never hear from him unless he had a piece of concrete information he needed to tell me).

Rawr. ❤

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