Sword of damocles


I texted The Pedant asking if his visit to othergirl ended up with them talking and reconciling. I kind of wanted this because I know it would make him happy, and I kind of didn’t because it means we’d be back to him “focusing” on someone else – although he and I have talked about what he meant by that and I’m mostly over feeling slighted about it.

But no. They didn’t reconcile, however she “didn’t realize how into her he was” and although she’s not sure she wants anything that serious, for some reason knowing that he’s that into her is making her want to take some time and think about things and maybe get back together with him. So now The Pedant doesn’t know where he stands with her and is kind of obsessing about it and needing to be alone for a while (unsure if this means he’ll need to bow out of seeing me on Wednesday).

This is so much shittier for me than if they’d gotten back together. And shittier for The Pedant than if they’d gotten back together or definitively broken up. Bleh.

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