I remembered something else The Pedant said about othergirl: she hates his propensity for naps. She wants for them to be actively hanging out together the whole time he’s over, I guess, which doesn’t seem unreasonable in and of itself. But when he does fall asleep, she’s so terrified of disturbing him that she feels like she has to leave her apartment so he can sleep. I actually laughed when The Pedant told me this because a) if she doesn’t want him to be asleep then why be afraid of disturbing him? Practice the drums or something and then be like “Oh, oops, did I wake you? Well we might as well watch a movie together as long as you’re up” and b) The Pedant sleeps like a rock. In all likelihood drum practice wouldn’t budge him, anyway. It’s odd that othergirl wouldn’t know this. But yeah…she got mad at him because when he falls asleep it “forces” her to leave her own apartment so as not to disturb him, even though that’s entirely in her own head. So again I feel schadenfreud that the woman The Pedant said is just like him in so many ways and finally understands him is actually fallible.

For my part, I do think it’s bullshit when The Pedant and I have plans but he falls asleep at home and wakes up hours after he was supposed to be here – that’s just rude. And I’m not super pleased when he passes out after having an orgasm without taking the time to reciprocate (although I’ve mostly solved that by not having marathon foreplay sessions til 5 in the morning anymore). But naps while he’s here? Awesome. Too much togetherness can make me feel a bit smothered so I relish the opportunity to come out and fuck around on the internet for a bit or watch some Netflix by myself. Sometimes I’ll end up napping, too, but in a different room; I don’t really sleep that well next to him. Sometimes, like yesterday, he wakes up right when I’m getting tired and then I get snugglepets while I doze, which is my favourite thing.

And because The Pedant is a deep sleeper (and also because it’s my fucking apartment) I don’t feel like I have to creep around and be quiet to accommodate him. I mean most of what I do is pretty quiet anyway but still.

So yeah. I really do think this experience has made The Pedant appreciate me more – at least if he’s been paying attention.

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