The little things

My only pair of sneakers is about ten years old and falling apart; I’ve been meaning to replace it for a while. Now that I’ve a) put stinky cheese residue into them in order to b) earn $200, I decided it was time to set that pair aside as dedicated foot-enstinkeners, and finally buy a brand new pair. My ex husband always spoke highly of New Balance and I’d been wanting a pair for years, so that’s what I looked for.

I found a pair at Winners, so they were cheaper than you’d expect. And they’re white with dark purple accents, not some blah combination of grey and navy blue like all the other sneakers in the men’s section. I hate grey and navy blue, for one thing, and for another thing I kinda wanted shoes that didn’t look too gendered – just a pair of sporty shoes that looks cute on me without being Post-Apolcalypse Drab or fucking pink and bedazzled, y’know?

Usually if I spend money on myself it’s on shiny, frivolous things; I’ve always resented parting with cash in order to get practical shit. But I’m super happy to have comfy shoes to walk in. This will affect almost every area of my life in a positive way.

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