Stinky foot help?

That lovely foot fetish client I saw a month or two ago has messaged me looking for another session…and asked if I could make my feet stinkier this time.

Last time I no-shit spent seven hours before the session wearing plastic bags and multiple layers of socks – one of which was a thick insulated pair specifically meant for keeping feet warm in winter – and although my feet sweated so much I felt like I was walking around in my own private swamp all day, I honestly didn’t get much of a whiff of footstank off myself when all was said and done.

I think this time I need to “cheat” and just rub something awful-smelling on my feet to make it seem like I have foot odor. But what?

Oh! Oh! Parmesan cheese, maybe?

I can’t even remember what foot-stank smells like, is the thing. So I don’t know what would impersonate it.

Any foot fetishists or fetish workers out there got suggestions for me?


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4 responses to “Stinky foot help?

  1. dommeluck

    I ran this by a friend who has reason to know and this is what she said: often sweat on its own doesn’t have much of a smell. You also need to start out with a bunch of bacteria that will incubate and multiply in the sweaty conditions. So your feet shouldn’t be super clean and fresh when they go into the socks. Walk barefoot outside, in your apartment building hallway, just places that aren’t necessarily super dirty, but will expose you to other elements. Wear tennis shoes barefoot for a while. (She recommendeds a dedicated pair of sneakers to work out in without socks.) Wear the same socks a few days in a row. Don’t shower before. Then carry on with the socks and sweat routine (if you can use the worn socks for that, all the better.) Let me know if any of this helps!

  2. sneakers without socks, even those flat canvas shoes sockless can get stinky

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