Just a sample

This is just a wee sample of the kind of thing that pisses me off when I try to shop online.

I don’t actually shop for clothing online because I’m a huge misshapen freak and thus need to try things on. But I ended up on this Etsy page kinda by accident. Let’s recap my thought process as I looked at this page, shall we?

Extra-long leggings! Cool!

…Except, they’re described as having “playful gathers at the ankle”…so apparently they’re only extra-long because someone thought them bunching up at the bottom was a cute stylistic choice. Because it’s not like actual tall/long-legged people exist or anything, you fuckers. Subquestion: since these leggings are described as having gathers at the ankles – not as being long enough to bunch up on some people – does that mean they’re actually sewn that way and would not un-bunch on someone taller?

How long is “extra long,” anyway? Oh cool, they state the model’s measurements. That’s helpful…wait no it’s not because what’s her fucking inseam measurement?

Oh, here’s the size chart for the leggings themselves. Well that’s cool but WHAT’S. THE. FUCKING. INSEAM MEASUREMENT?!?!? How is inseam not a standard listing on sizing charts, by the way? Do clothing makers not comprehend that women don’t all have the exact same length of legs? Maybe some of us wanna see if their stupid shitty clothes would be goddamned long enough. But we can’t. Because size charts almost never include that info.

But wait, their largest size is still an inch too small in the hips for me (and three inches too big in the waist) so it’s kinda moot.

I see they do custom orders but I’m actually so pissed at them for not recognizing tall people’s existence (or apparently the existence of legs, INSEAM MEASUREMENTS ARE A THING HELLO) that I don’t especially want to do business with them. Bye, Felicia.

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