Just so’s I can remember…

In addition to the previous lists of things paypet has gotten me, I now need to add:

– One awesome cartoony-looking shoulder bag

– Two wigs

Also I bought a third wig for myself as that particular online store wouldn’t allow me to use pet’s card but I really really wanted the wig.

Oh and I think I forgot to mention here that I ordered a custom made goth tutu-type skirt sometime after that one big shopping rampage on pet’s computer.

Just putting this here so I can remember to keep on top of it all/make sure it arrives in a timely fashion/etc.


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3 responses to “Just so’s I can remember…

  1. I know you said this is sucking some of the fun out for you. I can totally understand that. Can you not make paypet record and follow up on these purchases?

    A simple spreadsheet would do it: He notes what you bought, where from, you can forward him purchase receipt emails so he has all the details (order number, etc). Then he marks things off as you tell him they arrived, and if something has taken a while, he can ask you about it, and follow up with the store if need be.

    I get that that might not be part of his actual fetish, but it seems a minor service, and definitely part of the entire exchange to me.


    • Shit, that is GENIUS.

      Apart from his financial fetish, the boy DOES want to be my submissive and make my life easier and etc. I guess I was just so busy assuming there was no way a long-distance person could serve me (aside from buying me things) that I overlooked the possibilities right in front of my nose…

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