Did Hell just freeze over? O.o

DickFace the Kitten was lying with her head on The Pedant’s umbrella and I decided this was as good a reason to break my post-argument silence with him as any.

Text conversation:

Me: Kitten has claimed your umbrella as a pillow. [Sends photo[

Pedant: Now I’m going to feel bad about reclaiming it.

Me: Bastardcat has used your ASS as a pillow and you took that away without remorse…you monster…

Pedant: I think that’s what’s referred to as an “apples and oranges” comparison.

Me: Which kind of fruit is your ass?

Pedant: Bacon.

Me: Well now I wanna bite it even more than usual.

Pedant: I can’t imagine there’s a “more than” available.

Me: There is. I’m slightly deterred by the fur layer. But imagining delicious bacon underneath rather than fruit…kinda makes it seem worthwhile.

Pedant: This is why laser hair removal is under consideration. The idea of your mouth watering at the very thought of clamping it onto my flesh makes the expense worthwhile.

Me: Purrrrrrrrrr! 😀

YOU GUISE YOU GUISE DID YOU SEE?!? The Pedant texted me sexytalk! Good sexytalk, too. Sexytalk that actually made my stomach do a little flip and my knees go floopy.

…I think this might be one of those “even a stopped clock is right twice a day” things so I’m not gonna start expecting this on a regular basis. But it was a pleasant surprise, and worth commemorating here.

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