I just bought yet another perfume sample pack from Possets, courtesy of my paypet.

Perfume, to me, is the ultimate Frivolous Thing. It doesn’t feed me; it doesn’t cover my bathing suit areas so that I can venture outside without being arrested; it doesn’t clean me or neutralize my armpit stank; it doesn’t anything at all except smell good. And most days that I wear it, nobody will even know it’s there except me and I guess the cats (since most days I don’t carpool, ride elevators, get laid, or anything else that requires me to be smellably close to other people). If I wear perfume it’s purely for my enjoyment.

I feel so very decadent right now. 😀

I sure hope the samples yield a scent or two that I love. I’m really really picky about perfume, and sometimes stuff that smells great to me in the bottle turns weird when mixed with my body chemistry. But when I do find just the right scent, I swoon. It’s like the smell goes straight up into my brain and lights it up like a Christmas tree. A DAMN CHRISTMAS TREE.

How lovely to have a pet whose delicious monies let me experiment with this stuff. Because I’m telling you, with my finances as they are right now I would never have bought perfume samples with my own money.

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