I wish

I wish I could tell more of my friends about this thing with paypet, because it’s new and exciting and taking up a lot of my time for reasons both good and bad. But I’m fairly sure a lot of them would then expect that they could ride my coattails for freebies, somehow.

Which just goes to show that most people don’t understand findom is a fetish for the guys who do it. It’s a sex thing.

Like, if I gushed to a friend that I’d just had amazing sex with a new guy, they’d never reply with “OMG that’s so awesome! Hey do you think he’d have sex with me?” or “Oooooh, I like great sex! Maybe we could double-team him!” or “I haven’t had good sex in a long time. And like…I know it’s you he’s dating, but…what if I fucked him in the dark and we let him think it was you? No harm, no foul, right?” Even though I’m poly and therefore open to “sharing” partners, and my friends know it, I still can’t picture anyone saying these things to me. They’d just be happy for me or say they were jealous and that would be it.

But if I gushed about pet giving me access to his money, I’m absolutely positive I’d hear variations on the above. Especially from The Veteran, who’s all about trying to horn in on my shit lately.

So I have to keep this huge, exciting thing mostly secret.

The very few friends I deemed safe to tell, though, reacted graciously – just as I predicted they would. My instincts with people are pretty good.

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  1. yeah….and don’t be surprised when, if the beans get spilled, people try to horn in *and* get all shitty and whorephobic when you tell them no. some of the nicest people are crap to sex workers, even “living-the-dream” low contact cyberworkers. 😦 i went through a phase of telling-everyone which very quickly became a phase of telling-NO-ONE (now i’m pretty balanced, but that’s because i have no more fucks to give and have alienated a lot of people).
    congratulations on your continuing success!

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