Another unexpected side effect of findomming: all this online shopping has caused Chrome or Google or whoever to target way more ads to me. Like every damn place I go online now, there are ads for online stores I’ve already been to or products I was looking at.

Which actually kinda sucks because a lot of the time, the products being advertised at me are clothes, shoes, or rings I wanted but can’t find in my size so I got frustrated and gave up.

So basically the internet is just rubbing my face in the fact that I have money to spend but I’m too fucking huge to fit into any of its puny mortal garments.


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  1. dommeluck

    Hey, I’m loving your findom posts. It’s so cool to see a genuine, thoughtful perspective on this topic.

    Just a quick update about the Domme Blogger topic challenge. We have our first topic! “Sexiness & desire As women, we hear a lot that to be “sexy” means being desirable/desired. But if we’re doing the desiring (or even the up-against-the-wall kissing!), is there still room to feel “sexy”? Or maybe you think of being “sexy” and being desirable as two different things? How do you like to know that your partner desires you, and how do you like to express your desire for them?”

    We aim to publish our posts by July 13. Let me know when you post and I’ll drop a link in the Reddit group so folks can check it out. We have some awesome topics coming up for future months too! Good luck!

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