The First-Worldiest of FIrst-World Problems

Being a findom is harder than expected. Or at least, hard in unexpected ways.

First off, I’ve never bought so much stuff at once before, and because a lot of it was spur-of-the-moment fun stuff and not necessarily something I really needed/craved, it’s hard for me to even keep track of it all. But I need to keep track so’s I can chase people down if an item doesn’t arrive on time or whatever.

Secondly, I feel a lot of pressure to be impressed by everything I got. I mean, I dunno. Maybe the main draw for pet is that I’m taking his money. But I figure he probably wants me to be super happy with my purchases, too – I’m pretty sure my enjoyment is a part of this for him. And what happens if an item I receive disappoints me, or doesn’t fit, and can’t be returned? I can’t bear to admit that the thing didn’t work for me. I’ll have to fake happiness. On a side note, these sorts of expectations are why I generally don’t like receiving gifts. I had assumed that our findom arrangement would be different because I’d be buying stuff for myself; stuff that I’d already seen and coveted. But most of my buying with him has been online, and that’s always risky.

Thirdly, a lot of sites have stupid shit going on that prevents me from buying things using pet’s money. GiftRocket, for some reason, has stopped working as a means of transferring money directly to me, and I don’t know why (and they won’t tell me). A couple of the websites I shopped on won’t let the shipping address and billing address be in different countries. I understand that maybe some of the difficulties I’m encountering are measures to prevent fraud, and I’m sympathetic to that, but the not allowing someone to buy a thing for someone in else in another country (but apparently it would work if pet lived in Canada) makes no sense to me. At any rate, some of my grandiose shopping plans fell flat because, after a bunch of browsing and ogling and careful selection of products, the checkout process wouldn’t work. 😦

Overall there’s just a lot of admin shit going on with this arrangement. I feel like I’ve spent almost my whole day today just following up on purchases – writing one place to ask why my e-gift card won’t work on their Canadian website, writing another to say that the nail polish I got is not what I ordered, checking the tracking on a couple packages to see how soon they’ll get here, blah blah blah.

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  1. Maria

    Try bitcoin! It’s what I use for all my online sex work. I was super intimidated by it for ages but once I finally got a pet to explain it to me, it’s very easy. I recommend the website Circle. Direct, instant, person to person money transfers that can’t be refunded and don’t care if you’re a sex worker (*ahem* paypal). All the scariness of “bitcoin can lose value!” is if you leave it in bitcoin for months or years. Immediately withdrawing it to your bank will get you the exact right amount. Then you shouldn’t have as many issues with the checkout process since you won’t have to use his card. Congrats on the new pay pet! First world problems that cause stress are still problems. Especially when they leave you disappointed. Hope this helps!

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