Findom/sex worker funtime resources!

This is a list of websites that do emailed gift cards. The sender only has to know an email address and whatever fake name you give them in order to send you one. I was gonna just write this shit on a piece of paper somewhere but it occurred to me that it might be helpful for other people, too. lets Americans (and only Americans) send money to people located wherever, for a fee. You need an account, and will have to tell the website your real name, but the person sending you money won’t ever see it. If you’re outside the US, the only way to claim your money is by transferring it to a PayPal account and from there to your bank. – they have nail polish but also some other makeup/beauty products. Also (oddly) yarn. – for some reason the site won’t allow a shipping address and billing address in different countries…so we bought me a digital gift card, instead. Mind you, that was hours ago and it hasn’t shown up in my inbox yet, which seems odd. Edit: gift card showed up about eight hours after I ordered it. Odd. Edit the second: fuckity fuckity fuck. I ordered the gift card through the US site and it can’t be used on the Canadian one. And the US site won’t allow a Canadian shipping address. This is so goddamned frustrating.

Etsy does gift cards but I think the buyer needs to be American, otherwise there’s a currency conversion issue. Also, not all Etsy stores accept gift cards.

The Mertailor – I haven’t actually tried ordering a gift card from here but it should work. I don’t see why you couldn’t put a fake recipient name in there, y’know?

Sock Dreams – haven’t gotten one from here yet, either. But looks like it’s amenable to my needs.

I’ll add to this if more things come up.


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6 responses to “Findom/sex worker funtime resources!

  1. Sorta Subby

    As far as I know amazon is very flexible when it comes to credit card being in a different country and buyer not being credit card owner etc.

    What I don’t get is that you praise giftrocket for not revealing your name to the other party but haven’t you when ordering on other sites with him watching revealed it all?

    This’s my first comment here but I’ve been reading on and off for quite a while. Thanks so much for sharing, I’m thoroughly enjoying this.

    • Yeah, I used GiftRocket with him at first but as time went on I trusted him enough to use methods where he could see my real name and address.

      I’m open to having other financial subs one day – and I might not find them as immediately, disarmingly trustworthy – so I’m partly letting pet be my practice ground for how to do this sort of play safely with someone else. (He knows this and is happy to share his considerable knowledge on how various financial arrangements work).

  2. Sorta Subby

    Ah, yes, now I get it, thanks.

    Curious: Doesn’t amazon have the kind of stuff you want, or is it perhaps their subpar treatment of the people who work for them that keeps you from buying there? In terms of ease of checkout process, including cross-country/someone else’s card they – unlike most others – have nailed it, I think.

    • I didn’t even know Amazon treated their people badly.

      I’m not (or wasn’t) anti-Amazon – and I’m guessing their gift cards are anonymous, given how many sex workers accept payment that way, which is cool.

      But my understanding is that the not-book items on Amazon are sold by just random merchants, each of whom may or may not be reputable. I’ve heard of fraud happening (“name brand” nail polishes that turned out to be knockoffs – stuff like that).

      And I’m sure there’s ratings/feedback I can look at to determine if a seller is any good. But some days I just wanna order shit from a store with clear and obvious branding and a good reputation, no research required. You know?

  3. Sorta Subby

    I know. And it’s kind of weird of me to be so persistently advertising amazon since I’m trying to order less stuff from them and more elsewhere (btw, as an avid online shopper I do agree about the admin involved being annoying) because they are apparently treating the lower level of their employees quite badly. But on the other hand, in my experience they are easy and reasonable when it comes to cross-border stuff which is part of what makes it hard for me. Also, many of the marketplace shops are quite trustworthy, Armani for instance has one.

    In any case, best of luck with your findomme experience(s), may they long continue!

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