False alarm.

Issues were a combo of bad luck and misunderstanding. I thought he got off at 9, but the restaurant closes at 9; he’s not done til 10. Meanwhile I came home from my evening gig and sat around from 9pm onward waiting for him to put money into his bank account, and at around 9:45 I got a feeling of creeping dread and FetLife stalked him – to find that he’d posted an hour before. Posted to “bump” his personal ad looking for a dominant to the top of the page, no less.

I knew about the ad (he asked permission before posting it). It was the combo of him (apparently) not honouring our plans and putting in renewed effort to find someone else that made me think he was bailing. That, and before he went to work today he texted me to say he couldn’t deposit his pay because he’d lost his debit card. It was all adding up to look like he didn’t wanna do this but was too chickenshit to tell me.

But he actually gets off work at 10, and he went and bought a temporary Visa card thingy at the convenience store right afterward.

I pointed out that I’d texted him some dirty talk earlier this afternoon and he kinda left me hanging (which really added insult to injury and made me wonder if my graphic talk of fucking his bank account freaked him out and made him wanna bolt) and made it clear that in future I want him to prioritize acknowledging my sexy talk over fuckin’ around on FetLife for Pete’s sake. He apologized and said he’d remember in future.

The convenience store has limits on how much you can put on a disposable credit card. The limit is $400, so that’s what the boy got me. That’s about half his pay, and completely wonderful and thrilling and I would not have asked for more. But he’d promised me before that I would have access to all his pay (after expenses of course) and he assured me, without me saying anything, that he’d figure out a way of getting me the rest. Wow.

He had told me before about free software called TeamViewer that lets you connect to someone else’s computer. He’d said it would be awesome if I downloaded that so he could watch me shop sometime. I was so impressed with his nice apologies and quick workaround for the lost debit card issue – he was clearly trying hard to fulfill his promises and make me happy – that I downloaded it for him so he could watch me tonight. And I mean he’s giving me $400 so it seems only polite to do things back to make him happy!

Over the past two hours or so, I shopped remotely on the boy’s browser and spent like $200 – and when the web form offered a space to leave a message for the gift recipient (me) I took it upon myself to write hilariously florid love notes from “him” about how amazing I am, just to be a diva and taunt him. Then I hit a couple of snags in a row where a website wouldn’t let me put in different info for the shipping and billing addresses, or wouldn’t let them be in different countries, and it was frustrating and it was getting late so the boy encouraged me to straight-up send myself the remaining money via GiftRocket, so I did.

Holy shit I can’t believe the shopping rampage I had. I’m actually really sleepy right now – almost a post-coital feeling, although whatever excitement I felt during this process was entirely nonsexual and located in my brain (the boy totally jerked off watching me online-shop with his money, though! I kind of get why he likes findom in general, and can see how watching me shop might make it even better in theory, but in practice it sounds terribly dull watching me move a mouse pointer around on a screen. It’s still weird to me that he’s into stuff like that, but I’m not complaining! We both seem to be quite happy with this arrangement, albeit in slightly different ways!).

Let’s tally up what I’ve bought with his money so far, shall we?

– A $50 gift certificate to The Body Shop (because the site wouldn’t let me order stuff on his card but ship it to me).

– Two sets of perfume samples from Possetts (and thank you, Leigh Alanna, for telling me about them!)

– Some jewelry from Body Art Forms

– A Braun electric shaver like The Pedant has (that thing shaved my head so close it felt like suede after!)

…Huh, I guess that was it for tonight. Felt like I bought more, but I guess that’s because of my several failed attempts where a website didn’t like me using someone else’s credit card.

Before this, I bought:

– Two nail polishes

– Two beautiful hand made sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone rings

– Two pairs of fancy underpants

And early on, upon request before I had his info so I could buy things myself, I asked him for the money for:

– One cheap-ish but cute pair of wedge heels from Payless.

I am just amazed by my bounty right now. And suuuuper excited for these gifts to start trickling in through the mail. 😀

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