So, the financial domination…

My finsub gets paid tomorrow and I am going to have a field day. MUAH-HA-HA-HA!

I’m enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would. As in, I assumed I’d enjoy the actual having of new things – that’s a no-brainer – but I’m actually feeling and enjoying the domination part of our interactions to an unexpected degree. The fact that he’s trusted me with a bunch of his personal info makes me feel an intimacy with him beyond anything I even felt with my husband back in the day (my husband and I shared a bank account but I let him have control of it). I finally really get that money is power in a way that I did not before. This boy works at a job he doesn’t particularly like, and I can randomly take his hard-earned money because I felt like having some frivolous shiny thing. And he loves it. It’s kind of exhilarating, as is his openly stated policy that his money is mine now and all the work he does is for me. I give him purpose. That’s as submissive a sentiment as anything I’ve ever heard. Damn. 😀

Now, whenever the topic of findom comes up on FetLife, people come rushing in with torches and pitchforks, screaming about opportunistic, golddigging women taking advantage of men who don’t know any better. Hopefully the mobs won’t show up here, but in case you’re just joining us and thinking of sharpening your pitchfork, let me just say that the boy and I are doing financial play because he initiated things, every single step of the way. He told me he was into it and asked if I’d be willing to play with him; he offered me his debit card number (and I refused at first because I didn’t feel comfortable); when I made my first purchase with his money he was all happy and zingy about it and encouraged me to take more. He told me of his own free will that I am now the only one he’ll do money play with because I’ve captivated him so much that he doesn’t need to look for anyone else. I never asked for any of this. He volunteered it. And he volunteered other things that I turned down (like getting a credit card so I could still spend his money after his paycheque is all gone – nooo thank you! Previous findoms put him in debt and fucked up his credit but I’m sure as hell not going to). He is single and child-free; I’m not taking his money from anyone but him.

And he gets off on this whole thing, by the way. Not as in “it is mentally stimulating to feel submissive like this.” As in, he’s asked me to do most of my online shopping in the evenings after his shift is over so that he can masturbate over my activities without having to do it sneakily in the staff bathroom. He has all these different games he likes to play – he likes a certain amount of cat-and-mouse, or taunting, or feeling helpless. He likes to repeatedly check his bank account and see it falling bit by bit as a woman buys things, so I’ve been lining up a buncha shit I wanna order online – I have a separate browser window open with a coveted item in each tab – and tomorrow when he gets paid I’m gonna get it all, one thing after another, while he monitors his account balance and I’m assuming jerks off repeatedly.

He’s been doing financial play with women for years but says I’m the only dominant who’s ever asked him how he likes it best and made sure he was having fun, too. That, and the fact that I don’t have a mean persona, is why he chose to invest in me and me alone. He’s not my “pay pig” and he’s not a sucker or a dumbass. He’s my pay pet, graciously providing his princess with pretty things, and I adore him for it.

I must say I’m enjoying playing the diva. Part of my paypet’s kink is…how do I describe this…being treated dismissively? Having his efforts wasted on frivolous things? Something like that…he would like me to buy an actual gold and diamond ring to wear on my toe. I won’t be dong that until I get a bunch of more practical things first, but I kind of love that idea.

WIth great power comes great responsibility, so in addition to making sure I don’t spend too much of pet’s money and refusing to let him go into debt for me, I’m going to do my best to use his money to support local businesses and independent artists. Also my friend The Veteran does a side gig as a cleaning person and once the ball really gets rolling on my money-taking I’m going to have her clean my place for much higher than her stated rate. I’ve been extraordinarily lucky in stumbling into this arrangement with my pet and I want to spread my luck around. 🙂

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  1. Pseudonymful

    It’s certainly an interesting topic; there is so much in the way of cultural baggage and gender expectations and *stuff* tied up with money. While this squicks me a bit on a personal level, logically it seems more obviously OK than plenty of things that I consider reasonable, like sex work in general.

    I mean, sure, you could argue that there is less than perfect consent here… but not only would it be a hard case to make, it would be on the part of the *John*. If he doesn’t like it, he already mentioned that he knows how to stop it!

    Plus, there’s kinda a beautiful simplicity to it. The feeling that he’s enjoying as a result of you taking his money is in itself the thing he’s purchasing by letting you take the money. It’s like a skeletal diagram of a transaction or something!

    The fact that nobody had asked what he liked about this before is kinda sad. it sounds like you’re taking pains to be ethical about this, as well as better than those folks he’s interacted with before… hope you have an awesome time!

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