Just had MOAR SEX with The Pedant. Got off three times during the festivities (twice mostly myself with him providing caresses and smooches, once with him entirely at the wheel, if anyone cares). Not bad. He’s actually putting forth effort now. And he let me fingerbang his ass again (asked for it, in point of fact; he used to feel totally ambivalent about that particular act so I never volunteer it), and came with me inside him for the first time ever. I’m fascinated and aroused by how much his attitude and responses have changed in this regard, from “Tried ass play before, no interest” to “you can try this if you want…hmm, yeah, semi-interesting but I dunno. Let’s stop and do something else” to “let’s play with my ass OMG YES.”

But of course he kept me up all night as usual and I have the new boy coming over later today and my place is a mess.

Hopefully I can get to sleep soon and quickly shove all the mess into my oven or something before the boy arrives.

Oh, and it was the weirdest (and hottest) thing: The Pedant took me out to dinner and was totally hands-off, as is usual for him in public; at my place when I finally went in to kiss him he was gasping and moaning before our lips even quite touched. Like just my arms going around him flipped a switch and he was in subspace or whatever it is that happens to him.

Feeling pretty good about my mad skillz and mighty temptress powers right now.

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