A little bit of Bunny

I’m at a point where I’m ready to be friends with The Bunny again. We text each other every two or three days with random life-stuff or funny links, and I kinda wanted to hang out with him in person again but never got around to asking him.

Then the cats got a cold. Dickface got over it quickly but Bastardcat’s immune system is compromised and he was miserable for a few days. Plus I didn’t know for sure yet that it was only a cold. So I took him to the vet, who said that he has a cold but also his shitty teeth led to a gum infection that appears to be spreading through his head. She prescribed antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory and recommended I get his teeth cleaned (again – I did that a few years ago).

Bastardcat is fiendishly resistant to pill-taking. Trying to get his medicine into him was such an ordeal that I ended up just about crying. So finally I texted The Bunny to see if he could help. He has – or thinks he has – a lot of good techniques for dealing with cats. And I think he likes feeling useful.

Turns out he couldn’t make it work, either, but he made a valiant attempt. After we gave up on the medicine thing we sat on my couch watching American Dad on Netflix for a couple of episodes. I missed spooning and snuggling with The Bunny but in light of how we broke up because I wanted to fuck him and it was no longer mutual, I felt like if I outright asked he’d see it as needy, or a sign that I’m still into him, or something. At one point I reached over and gave his back a casual, friendly little scritch, just to kind of open the door to the idea that platonic touching might be on the table. He neither recoiled nor moved closer. I erred on the side of caution and kept my distance after that, although he did initiate a goodbye hug when he left (and had initiated one when he arrived, too – and I feel like we almost accidentally kissed hello out of force of habit but both swerved at the last minute).

When he left he said “Okay, well I’ll see you around” which sounds like he is not planning on being friends with me; maybe he only came over for the good of the kitteh. And yet today he’s texting me and sending me funny links on FL and he just told me that he has a funny story but it’s long so he’ll have to tell it in person. I don’t fucking know. I’m just gonna go with the flow.

btw, the next day I went out and bought a different brand and flavour of cat food than my usual and mashed up Bastardcat’s medicine in a liberal spoonful of that. He ate it, thank god. Last time I had to give him medicine I tried putting them in his food and he wouldn’t eat it – but it was his usual food, so he probably could tell that it smelled different. The new stuff, he doesn’t know what it should smell like. And it’s salmon flavour, which is maybe strong enough to overpower the other stuff.

His stuffy nose and runny eye are both clearing up substantially. I’m gonna call the Humane Society soon and see if they’ll do his dental work at a discount.


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3 responses to “A little bit of Bunny

  1. dommeluck

    Hey there! I really enjoy your blog! If you’re interested, a small group of Domme bloggers is starting up a group to pick a topic every month and challenge each other to write a post on that topic. Nothing too serious, just a fun way to get inspiration. We’re hosting the topic discussion and selection on Reddit, but if you’d like to participate and you’re not a Reddit person, I can try to keep you updated some other way if you like.

    Details here: https://dommeluck.wordpress.com/domme-blogger-topic-challenge/

    • Ooooh, that sounds like fun! Thank you for asking me. 🙂 I’m not a reddit user but if you can keep me in the loop some other way I’d totally like to try my hand at some themed blog posts. 🙂

      • dommeluck

        Awesome! I’m glad. It might be a few weeks while we get things set up, but I’ll keep you in the loop. I can send updates here or if you want, I’m on Fetlife at DommeLuck. 🙂

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