Holy shit.

Holy shit holy shit holy shit.

It’s go-time.

My potential finsub kept running into issues (paycheck supposedly delayed by memorial day, forgot his bank card when he went to deposit it, said he’d give me the password to his GiftRocket* account when he got home from work but then didn’t, blah blah blah) and I was starting to think he was just full of shit.

But I guess he legit did just have an unlucky streak. Tonight he gave me that password, and his credit card number, and the login to check his bank balance online. Volunteered it – I didn’t ask, and would not have asked, and am sorta freaked out by the amount of power he’s giving me. I get that financial domination is a fetish for him and don’t see any reason why someone would pretend to be into it just to set someone up and then get them arrested, but I did make him message me the info along with a blurb stating that he was giving it to me of his own free will, just in case.

I think I understand the ins and outs of what gets him going. He likes the idea of never knowing how much money he’s gonna have in his account; he likes the idea of me taking out random amounts here and there, and sort of taunting him about it so he wonders how much I’ve taken and what I’m spending it on.

And y’know…I’m really starting to like this idea, too! Not just for the obvious reason that I get to buy things, but for the control and for the idea that he’s sacrificing for me and for the thrill of play-acting that I’m a pretty, spoiled princess who “deserves” to be lavished with consumer goods.

I’m pretty sure this guy also wants me to mildly fuck him over sometimes by not leaving enough money to pay his bills, but I flat-out will not be doing that. Too mean. I refuse to be responsible for tanking his credit or making his life difficult.

No, I mostly just wanna take out little bits here and there. I’m in the mood for brie, fresh salmon, cherries, and a big bottle of carrot juice – BAM, I give myself forty bucks for these things and then send him pics of me enjoying them. The next day I see a nail polish I like – BAM, I give myself ten bucks and text him “Oh hai, I took your monies to make my nails pretty.” Maybe a few days later I feel like going to a movie and I transfer myself the money for that. Etc. Just a nice little trickle of “extras” in my life, with a little something splashier thrown in every now and then.

I have assured him that any time he needs to pause or stop with the financial play, I will stop immediately. He has assured me that he’ll never get mad at me if I accidentally inconvenience him, and will never call the authorities on me. If he’s lying, well, he’s some kind of genius thespian because he very much projects a puppyish, overeager, genuine kind of vibe. And he’s apparently been doing this sort of thing for a few years now and if he needs to forcibly “break up” with a findomme he just cancels his credit card, no trying to get back anything that was spent, no involving the authorities. He says he knows what he signed on for and won’t ever hold my spending against me.

So this could be fun. We’ll see how it goes.

*A website that lets Americans send money to people – better for me than a bank transfer or similar because GiftRocket doesn’t tell anyone my real name. So in having his GiftRocket password I can send money to myself.


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3 responses to “Holy shit.

  1. You should know what you are doing is NOT legal.

    • That somewhat surprises me. It’s not uncommon for people to share their personal financial info with someone, albeit usually someone they’re dating.

      But we’re doing this consensually and dude *likes* it and won’t be calling the police, so meh.

      • John

        I didn’t say it was wrong, just that it is illegal. the financial companies could mess with you as both you and the guy are violating their terms. your identity is transparent as well, so I probably would not write about it on a public website. probably not going to come back on you, but you never know…

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