An Epiphany. Maybe.

I’ve known for a long time that people looking to make money off submissive men will often put on some big Evil Queen persona. I have been assuming that I would do better at sex work if I did the same, but I find that schtick tiring so I refuse.

It suddenly occurs to me that the porny, wanky schtick may attract more guys in general, but they’re probably way more likely to be irritating time-wasters. Guys who jump at the “I’m a goddess and you’re a worthless worm” thing tend to be really coming from a place of porny fantasy, with no real-life experience whatsoever. Most of them are probably still in that stage of wanting to try D/s but being too chicken, and will talk to a provider and then back out, or talk to her with no intention at all of following through.

With me what you get is less “I’m a goddess and you’re a worthless worm!” and more “Hey wanna pretend that I’m a goddess and you’re a worthless worm? That could be fun!” which I think is far more likely to attract people who get that this is a transaction. And if they know it’s a transaction, they’ll be more able to articulate what they’re looking for and what their limits are – and they won’t get in touch with me looking for wank fodder ’cause they can maybe tell that the preliminary discussions are going to be a clinical negotiation between equals, not me imperiously telling them what I’ll do to their useless cocks.

Meh, maybe I’m totally wrong and I’ve just been really lucky so far for no real reason. I know how easy it can be to get “superstitious” about these things, or to take credit for shit that’s really just luck of the draw.

But I’ve had one guy buy me shoes (he offered, I didn’t solicit), one guy contact me for an in-person foot worship session who turned out to be pretty much a dream client, and now I’m talking to a financial sub who wants to buy me things as soon as he gets his next paycheque (and who’s already ordered two custom clips from me and bought me a pair of shoes when I asked, so it seems like this may actually be legit – he’s not just mining me for sexy talk and promising big bucks one day while giving me nothing). Shoe guy, finsub guy, a FL friend of mine, and one other random FL acquaintance have all been pleased to offer me technical advice on how to market myself as a fetish performer, what sites might be good for me to be on, the pros and cons of different kinds of webcam sessions, etc. It’s quite incredibly sweet, really. 🙂


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2 responses to “An Epiphany. Maybe.

  1. at least as far as my experience goes, you are 100% spot on — i don’t have the emotional energy or interest to be Miz IceBitch all the time (and if you’re not *paying* me, why should i IceBitch at you?). i used to think this was mostly because i look like ellen page reincarnated as a cream puff (eg: least intimidating human ever), but the longer i work, the more i’m like “nope, this is just the way to attract the clients who aren’t TOTAL PAINS IN THE REAR.”
    so, i hope things keep going well and lucratively for you!

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