Good things.

The Veteran referred me to a private modelling client who totally loves me and pays substantially more than most places – and the room I pose in has a couch and also there’s an awesome dog running around. This is the second Tuesday in a row he’s had me, and he asked me back for next Tuesday as well. I’m hoping this continues for a good long while.

I got in touch with another private client who used to have me every week but then kinda drifted on me. She immediately said yes to having me back. I don’t know yet if she’ll continue with the every-week schedule but at least I’m making an extra $75 this week.

Someone had a model cancel on them and contacted me to fill in. So that’s another $150. All these people pay me in cash, btw.

I got into that foot party I applied for! Let the bravado/fear cycle begin! 😛

I stumbled over a guy on FetLife who claims to be super into giving chicks money. He says he’s between paycheques right now but once he gets paid he’ll buy me all kinds of things. I’m aware that he may be full of shit on that score, but he did purchase a custom clip from me and I would imagine he’ll purchase others. Plus he’s been fun to talk to, so even if nothing else ever comes of this, I won’t particularly feel as though I’ve wasted my time.

Fingers crossed that everything works out.

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