As I’m sure most North Americans know (or at least the women), most stores here only go up to a size 10 in women’s shoes.

I was a size 11 by the time I was 15. Which incidentally was in the 80s – a time of skinny jeans that didn’t stretch – so not only could I never find cool shoes, I also had a hard time finding trendy jeans because my fucking feet wouldn’t fit through the bottom of the leg-holes.

To be honest, I always thought my feet were pretty attractive and well-proportioned, if large (I thought the same about my body, actually) but being forced to wear awkwardly-fitting, unstylish clothes all the time, and having people comment on my size in shock/horror on a semi-regular basis (usually people I knew who for some reason hadn’t noticed my proportions and then one day we’d be standing or sitting next to each other and suddenly “HOLY SHIT HOW TALL ARE YOU?!?!? HOLY SHIT HOW BIG ARE YOUR FEET?!?!?”), made me self-conscious. I got to a point where I wouldn’t wear sandals or open-toed shoes of any kind. I remember asking my mom once if it would be possible to get my toes surgically removed so I could wear “normal” size shoes finally.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and I’m mostly over all of that and doing foot porn to try to capitalize on the niche appeal of me being a giantess. Not only do tons of foot fetishists love my feet, I’ve had a handful of people who have never been into feet tell me that the pics I’ve put on up on my FetLife profile turn them on to a point that they’re having to reassess their sexuality a wee bit.

Not gonna lie, I like hearing that. A lot.

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