Well fuck you too, shoe companies!

It’s a good thing I’ve identified as butch/genderqueer for most of my life because now that I’m venturing into femmeland I’m getting pretty seriously pissed off by the limited range of shoe options.

I wear a women’s 12 wide. Most stores still only go up as high as a size 10 in women’s shoes, but some places go higher now. And yet for some fucking reason even at those places, all the cute/edgy/ubersexy styles usually cut out around size 10, anyway, leaving me with a bunch of sedate, clunky shit that a person would wear to an accounting job. What the actual fuck? Do they believe that women with big feet don’t want to stand out or look sexy? What’s the deal here?

And don’t even try to tell me it’s because edgy, interesting styles might not sell enough to be profitable because if I were a size 7 I could buy fucking BROWN PATENT LEATHER PUMPS WITH AN ALIEN SPINAL CORD FOR A HEEL. You can’t tell me those are going to appeal to more than 1% of the population, and yet they exist. All I’m asking for is a pair of goddamned black strappy stilettos in a size 12 wide and somehow nobody can fucking manage to do that.

My local “tall chick” store – a store that specializes in clothes for gigantic women, mind you, and carries shoes up to a size 14 – occasionally carries the kind of stuff I’m interested in, but almost never in wide sizes. So apparently I don’t woman correctly and I don’t tall woman correctly. I fail even at being a freak of nature. Wheeeee! The prices at the tall chick store are insaaaaane btw because they know they have you over a barrel. I see no other reason why flip-flops – even leather ones – should cost $140. I’m just saying.

My local crossdressers’ store also doesn’t carry many shoes in wide sizes, which is asinine because on average, men’s feet are wider than women’s (when I can’t find women’s 12 wide I’ll wear a men’s 10 regular – the normal width of men’s shoes is equivalent to extra-wide in women’s). Soooooo that seems like a bit of an oversight.

I just…fuck.

Men have begun offering to buy me girlie shoes but I don’t feel comfortable taking them up on it because nothing in this fucking city will fit me.


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5 responses to “Well fuck you too, shoe companies!

  1. I’ve had the exact same problem since I was in high school. What about shopping online, like Zappos? Hopefully the size range would be wider and you can return ones that don’t fit for free.

  2. Sinfulshoes.com? I have a friend who wears a size 12 and has gotten some amazingly wicked heels off of there (including a pair with a gun-barrel heel, and very pretty red knee-high boots. Shoe envy like you wouldn’t believe.)

    • I’ll investigate. Don’t forget, though, I live in Canada (which tends to fuck up a lot of things for me, online shopping-wise). But at the very least I’ll browse and ogle. 😀

      • Shipping looks to be significantly extra to Canada. Jerks. Perhaps someone who finds your feet enchanting would shower you in a wishlist of shoes?

        • That’s about the only way I’d be getting any. I’m too poor to justify spending money on impractical shoes.

          Just, y’know…if someone buys me shoes, I want them to actually FIT and be wearable. Which is one reason online shopping spooks me. It just seems too hit-or-miss.

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