Yay new boy!

The boy said yes to meeting so we went out for coffee yesterday. The moment he walked in and it clicked who he was, I had two visceral reactions at more-or-less the same time: OMG CUTE! and OMG SHORT! He’s like 5’4″, which wasn’t clear to me in his profile photos. I’m used to beatin’ on Mine, who’s around 6′ like me. New Boy’s shortness doesn’t deter me but I sorta had to modify my imaginings of what playing with him would be like.

But yeah…so cute. His pictures didn’t do him justice. And not only did I find him aesthetically pleasing but I was actually attracted to him – which almost never happens with someone I’ve just met. Like I found myself wanting to randomly touch and pet him while we were talking and I reined it in because I didn’t know for sure if he was into me and I didn’t want to come across too needy or whatever.

And I like him. He’s articulate and funny and we seem to match up well in what we’re looking for. I love that he’s open about his kinkiness. I love that he has the confidence to be totally fine about our 8″ height difference – no Napoleon complex. He just seems really comfortable with who he is, in general.

After coffee he had someplace else to be (he was meeting someone else from FetLife, actually! What a gigolo. :D). When we said goodbye he said he’d had a great time and would love to get together again. He made a jittery move toward me as if unsure whether to shake my hand or what, and I went ahead and hugged him. We chatted just a little bit more and then I was like “Hey can I kiss you?” – the tone of our chatting was so casual that I think trying to be suave and just lean in would have been weird, and yet I knew that if we just went our separate ways I’d go crazy wondering what kissing him would have been like. I just really wanted to know. He seemed startled by my straightforwardness, but said yes. He has great lips. Also I’d forgotten how nice it can feel to kiss someone so much shorter and smaller, like I’m curling my entire body over and around him.

I keep hearing people say that talking about sex or romance ruins the mystique and makes it unfun. I never thought it did, but I began to think I must be in the minority and that my “Hey I like you let’s meet up okay that went well let’s make out now ok?” attitude might put people off. Most of the time it seems like guys are relieved to know where they stand with me, though.

That’s the other thing about this new boy: he seems like someone I can be open with. The Pedant and The Bunny responded to my blunt-force-trauma seduction techniques well enough, but held their own cards so close to their chests that it made me feel kind of gauche by comparison and I started automatically closing down a bit in order to match their attitudes better. Maybe, with this dude, I can keep on just saying whatever shit I’m thinking and never get into an anxiety-spiral of not knowing what’s going on.

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