There’s this guy I’ve seen around FetLife and was mildly curious about. A while back I actually even wrote him a message – just some random little thing about a photo he’d put up, or something – and he gave me a friendly enough but closed-ended response. I wasn’t interested enough in him to be like “No, dude, you don’t get it, I was trying to start a conversation because I might eventually want to touch your wiener” so I left it at that.

Then a while back I saw that he was listed as belonging to a dominant.

And now he’s un-dommed again, his profile has some intriguing things in it that I think are new, and he’s been working out and developed amazing abs.

So this time I wrote him with some questions again and added “this is me hitting on you, by the way. Or at least wanting to see if this spark of curiosity can turn into anything.”

He expressed that he appreciates my straightforwardness, and we’ve been talking. He hasn’t asked me anything about myself in the three or four messages we’ve exchanged so I guess the closed-ended reply from before is just how he rolls. But he’s interested enough in me that he read some of the writings on my profile and gave his opinion on what I’d said.

I’m a little irked at being the only one who’s actively moving the conversation forward, but aside from that I’m not yet seeing any red flags. It’s hard to gauge chemistry with someone online, though, and I kind of don’t wanna waste my time dredging up more questions to keep things moving if it turns out we would never have clicked on any level, anyway. So I’ve proposed a meeting in meatspace. Waiting for his reply now.

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