My medication routine kinda fell to shit. Ran out of one of the pills I was taking a few weeks back and never refilled it, and then it kinda felt like the other one wasn’t doing anything so I slacked off on taking it. I think it’s time to switch to something else.

The arrival of spring gave me a rush of happiness and relief, and for a while I thought maybe I could do without antidepressants entirely for a while, but my sleeping patterns have gone to shit and I’m just generally feeling like Something in My Head is Wrong soooo yeah.

I got a sudden craving to buy a moonstone ring today. Not a specific one, just something blingy and pretty to wear that had a moonstone in it. While looking around online I happened across a description of what moonstones are supposed to do, spiritually or whatever. I’d forgotten this but their main thing is that they make it easier to cope with your emotions. I read that and suddenly burst into tears like someone had flipped a switch.

Think what you want to but I don’t think my urge to get something with a moonstone in it was a coincidence. Not saying I’m going to get one (because poor) or that I’ll try to “medicate” my depression with semi precious stones instead of actual meds. Just saying I’m not ruling out the idea that gemstone power is a thing – I’ve been drawn to certain stones whose power (unbeknownst to me) was exactly what I needed at that moment not to wonder about it.

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